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Marmolada: the majestic mountain glacier


Malga Ciapela

Malga Ciapela is the departure point for your days in the Marmolada ski area. In this hamlet of Rocca Pietore, at an altitude of 1450 metres a.s.l., the hotels are just metres from the ski runs and the main trails in the valley to explore during the summer.

Malga Ciapela (1450 metres a.s.l.) is the departure station of the famous Marmolada cableway, which climbs up to Punta Rocca (3265 metres a.s.l.). On the way up, you can get off at the Serauta station (2950 metres) for a visit to the Great War museum, and once you reach the top you can stop to admire the splendid 360° views over the Dolomites from the superb natural terrace.

And after all these thrills, awaiting you in winter is the 12 km-long "la Bellunese" run, with an altitude difference of 1810 m and unrivalled views over the Sella range.

Rocca Pietore

Nestling in the heart of the Dolomites, at the foot of the Marmolada, the Municipality of Rocca Pietore (la Ròcia in Ladin) is an oasis of peace and tranquillity for your holidays. The name of the village derives from a tower that once stood in the square, beside the church.

The Ski Area Marmolada, part of Dolomiti Superski, in the Serrai di Sottoguda nature reserve are the two best-known local attractions, ideal for all sorts of sports activities and offering splendid views as far as the eye can see.

Skier in Marmolada
Skier walking with skis on the back on a track of Dolomiti Superski
Marmolada in winter
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- The crowning ski resort of the UNESCO World Heritage Dolomites

The crowning ski resort of the UNESCO World Heritage Dolomites

At 3,343 metres high, with its ridgeback running west to east from Punta Penia to Punta Rocca, Punta Ombretta, Pizzo Serauta and Punta Serauta, the towering Marmolada is a majestic sight. As the highest peak in the Dolomites, it offers a wonderful 360° panoramic view of Dolomiti Superski – the world’s largest ski region. If you like a challenge, you’ll love the stunning twelve kilometre descent known as “La Bellunese” that leads through the Marmolada Glacier ski resort. The Padon Pass also provides a direct connection to neighbouring Arabba via the celebrated Sellaronda ski circuit. Visitors to the Arabba/Marmolada ski resort can reach the Punta Rocca panoramic terrace in a matter of minutes and take in the imposing view from 3,265 metres up!
Carve your way across the massif between Veneto and Trento as you cast your eyes over the breathtaking landscape. And be sure to visit the charming villages of Rocca Pietore and Malga Ciapela at the foot of the Marmolada!

Glacier ski resort with 360° panorama

At the Marmolada Glacier ski resort, where snow is 100% guaranteed, 28 cable cars and lifts take you up to a height of 3,343 metres and provide access to 63 kilometres of perfectly groomed slopes. Though tough on the legs, these descents are a real feast for the eyes. Sun-kissed slopes, the twelve kilometre valley ski run to Malga Ciapela and the entry point to the legendary Sellaronda combine to make the Arabba/Marmolada ski resort an unmissable experience.

The network of blue, red and black slopes connects four valleys at the heart of the Dolomites, with the neighbouring Arabba ski resort also providing access to the largest glacier in this mountain range.

Beginners should head to Monte Cherz, which is the perfect resort for getting to grips with the art of skiing, while experienced visitors can opt for the more challenging slopes of Porta Vescovo.

Powder snow as far as the eye can see: the Marmolada is a powder snow paradise for freeriders and freeskiers alike! With powdery descents guaranteed from November to May, you’re sure to kick up a dramatic cloud of purest white as you carve your way down the slopes.

Marmolada ski school: who ever heard of learning to ski on a glacier? The Marmolada ski school hones your technique and shows you how to make truly crisp turns, with group tutorials and one-to-one sessions available. After a few hours of instruction, you’ll be ready to take on “La Bellunese”.

Not brought your equipment with you? The ski rental shops at the Marmolada Glacier ski resort are sure to offer the right gear for your ski trip. Lighten your load by hiring your equipment on site and zooming down the glacier on freshly waxed skis.

The ski pass for the Dolomites glacier

As the Marmolada Glacier is accessed via Arabba, this ski pass is valid for both of these ski resorts in the Dolomites. Pass holders are free to take on some 63 kilometres of slopes across all difficulty levels.

Tip: if you are looking to explore beyond the glacier and the Arabba ski resort, Dolomiti Superski recommends the all-access ski pass that covers the entire ski circuit. Enjoy unlimited use of twelve ski resorts, 1,200 kilometres of slopes and stunning views of the mountain landscape up in the Dolomites.

The huts of Marmolada

One of the essential elements of any ski trip is the chance to take a break and replenish your strength with a hot meal. The mountain huts at the Marmolada Glacier ski resort focus on regional and traditional dishes – follow these up with a fluffy Kaiserschmarren shredded pancake and a strong cappuccino and you’ll be good to go!

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Can’t-miss attractions at the Marmolada ski resort

First World War museum

When riding the Marmolada cable car, disembark at Serauta station to discover a wealth of cultural highlights at the heart of this ski resort. Chief among these is the “Marmolada Grande Guerra 3000M” museum: established at an altitude of 2,950 metres as a memorial to the soldiers who fell in the First World War, it now covers an area of some 300 square metres.

And Serauta station has yet more surprises in store, with a network of caves, tunnels and passageways running between the fort in Punta Serauta and the Forcella. Be sure to pay a visit to the Madonna grotto, which was consecrated by Pope John Paul II in 1979.

Ice climbing on the Marmolada Glacier

2.5 kilometre long and featuring 20 waterfalls, the Serrai di Sottoguda gorge is a wonder of nature just waiting to be discovered! Ice climbing on the Marmolada Glacier is hugely popular among holidaymakers in the Dolomites, with visitors using ice axes to inch their way up the frozen waterfalls of the Marmolada nature reserve. Surrounded by icicles and snow-covered pines, this ice wall is a real highlight for anyone with a taste for adventure. And the gorge itself connects the Malga Ciapela and Sottoguda ski destinations located on the south face of the Queen of the Dolomites.

Tip: for your safety, please ensure you are accompanied by a professional Agordino mountain guide!
The majestic Marmolada is sure to turn any ski trip into a unique and unforgettable experience. Conquer the glacier in winter and cast your gaze over the stunning Dolomites at over 3,000 metres up!

360° Panorama of Marmolada


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