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Fodoma slope: the "why" to face it

One of the most challenging black slopes of the Dolomites

Active The "whys" of the Fodoma slope in Arabba
The "whys" of the Fodoma slope in Arabba

Without a shadow of a doubt it is one of the most spectacular slopes from a technical point of view; it can be defined as "a test bench" for those who want to understand, or improve, the conduction on skis, reason why every skier who considers himself an expert must go there!

The Fodoma was awarded by a jury of quality among the 10 most beautiful slopes in Italy.

Because it has a much steeper slope than the other slopes of Dolomiti SuperSki.

Technical data of the black slope Fodoma in Arabba, number 3 on the ski map

  •     Start: 2,464 m Porta Vescovo
  •     Finish: 1,660 m Arabba
  •     Height difference: 804 m
  •     Length: 2.8 km
  •     Average slope: 30%
  •     Maximum slope: 56%.

Because it has no counterweight

In the almost 3 kilometers of length, in the 3 walls that are faced, you must always be in the center, otherwise you risk getting tired. You will arrive at the end with a heavy breath, but turning back and selling the Fodoma, you will be overwhelmed with a sense of satisfaction, immediately ready to repeat the skiing. Ideal then for those who want to improve the buoyancy, centrality of the center of gravity and indulge in serpentines.

Because it is always perfect, given the total exposure to the North

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Watch to believe the following video (Italian language only):

Because it is not very busy

To reach the Fodoma Slope (number 3) from Arabba, you have to take the following cableways:

  •     cable car Funifor Arabba-Porta Vescovo


  •     Portadoss cable car + Carpazza chairlift