Arabba / Marmolada

Great War Museum in Marmolada

The highest museum in Europe

Cultura Marmolada Great War Museum 3000 m
Marmolada Great War Museum 3000 m

In the places where these thief fights took place, where the main battles had been fight, a war museum was built: Marmolada World War I Museum. 

An exhibition which contains lots of war relics and everyday life objects. It explains a small part of history never to forget. 


The museum tells you how war was from the soldiers' point of view and their everyday life at high altitude.

Marmolada Great War Museum, an important history lesson. 

Along Arabba Marmolada ski slopes you will find lots restaurants and mountain huts where tasting the traditional dishes or drink someting special. The owners will welcome you with the best local products. 

Patrimonio Unesco

Patrimonio Unesco

You are in Unesco Dolomites, a place where iconic peaks and pale mountains give unique and unforgettable views to all of us. Mount Marmolada is the highest peak of the entire Dolomites, knows also as The Queen. Mountains are snow-covered, forests and meadows are silent giving us a magical atmosphere.

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