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WE ARE BACK! Finally, we can again indulge in the adrenaline rush of skiing down the snowy slopes surrounded by the beautiful nature of the Dolomites. We ask for your understanding and patience, especially in the first few days. The procedures necessary to ensure the highest safety standards for all are highly complex and require attention, time and great commitment. We are here. And we want to improve day by day. We want to offer all Dolomites friends ever faster, more professional and, above all, safer services. We ask you to understand the difficulties that any launch brings after almost two years of inactivity and to support the change. Use as much as possible the digital tools - website and app - to validate the green pass and link it to the skipass for example, to respect the rules on hygiene, distance and the use of the mask on the lifts. We are here and waiting for all of you.


A harmonious carousel with 16 skiing areas and state of-the-art lift facilities with a good 1,200 km of daily groomed slopes, and sunny slopes you just can’t wait to get your skis gliding over. You’ll be spoilt for choice, as there’s a slope for everyone: from the easiest one, for beginners following by ski instructors, to places of daring you’d never thought of going before. Simply amazing.

The world's BIGGEST Ski destination

1200 km of slopes

450 lifts

1 Skipass

Ski resorts16

Discover Dolomiti Superski

Ski resorts16

The Dolomites A universe of mountains to explore

A worry free vacation#dolomitisupersicure

Help us to protect yourself, others, and our Dolomites

  • Maintain safetydistances

  • Respect the environment

  • Use themask

Dolomiti Superstories

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Useful information in real time and much more. The Performance Check to monitor your performance on the slopes, the Tracking to record the path taken, the Routing, the slopes navigator and Rewarding, the competition that allows you to win fantastic prizes. What are you waiting for?

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Download the Dolomiti Superski App
Download the Dolomiti Superski App
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