Fascination made of unique landscape and marvellous mountains

A fascinating array of grey rock formations, which in the summer turn into a hiking and biking galaxy. The temptation is too much for any keen mountaineer, biker or hillwalker to resist. When the Dolomites call, you can’t help but venturing high up into this fantastic mountain landscape. 

Over 100 open lifts are accessible with one ticket, the Supersummer lift pass. Seemingly unattainable heights can be overcome effortlessly and in no time. No matter which sport you pick for your holiday in the Dolomites, the mountain world is at your fingertips.

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Experience a feeling of freedom in the midst of incomparable natural landscapes. Eight protected nature parks reveal rare plants and animal species to visitors. Ramble across the mountain trails or white gravel tracks, and dive into bygone eras. Relics and legacies of the First World War coupled with living traditions and customs make visitors a part of Ladin history and culture.

Summer in the Dolomites is the perfect time to recharge your batteries, enjoy the colours of nature and spend time with your loved ones. A variety of activities and sports are on offer. Embark on a journey of discovery with a guide, find the ideal MTB route with the Dolomiti Bike Galaxy Map or take the lifts up to the peaks of the Dolomites: the options are endless!

Delve into this captivating world of mountain villages and high peaks. Treat yourself to a break and feel revitalised with Dolomiti Supersummer!

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