My Dolomiti Card

Practical and sustainable, with a range of perks for your Dolomiti Supersummer

Use your My Dolomiti Card at Dolomiti Supersummer

  • Easier to buy tickets

    The My Dolomiti Card is a personal card you can top up to use time and again. If you already have a My Dolomiti Card – maybe you spend your winters here and use the ski lifts, for example – you can use the same card to buy summer tickets online before you arrive in the Dolomites.

  • Straight to the lifts

    Top up your My Dolomiti Card online before you get here. Then head straight to the lifts when you are here – skip the queues!

  • Eco-friendly

    My Dolomiti Cards are reusable, helping you protect the planet by reducing the number of physical cards that have to be issued.

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