Dolomiti Supersummer activities

Hiking and biking worlds meet for the Dolomiti Supersummer

Dolomiti Supersummer activities

Discover the two worlds of Dolomiti Supersummer

Dolomiti Supersummer holidays

On your marks, get set, go! Who can pedal fastest? Who’ll get to the huts first? Bike tours and hikes in the breathtaking Dolomites are great for letting parents and kids alike show what they’re made of!
It’s worth your while going at a slower pace from time to time, too. That way nobody will miss the beautiful roadside flowers and can admire the view for miles around in the Dolomites.

The Supersummer lift passes are a convenient way for your family to get around the mountains easily.

The Dolomites – bursting with culture and history

Ancient farms, castles steeped in legend and magnificent churches are strung together like pearls down any road you care to follow. History comes to life in the customs and traditions locals treasure to this day. Get stuck into the festivals – don’t be a bystander, get involved!

Did you know that during the First World War the front between Italy and Austria-Hungary was right here in the Dolomites? There are some mountain bike paths and hiking trails where you’ll still come across war relics from time to time. Old bases, trenches and fortifications give an idea of the harsh conditions of that time.

Fascinating protected landscapes: the Dolomites’ nature reserves

We protect, nurture and care for nature here. Rare plants and animals need places they can be left alone, which is why the Dolomites is also home to nature reserves. Be inspired by the wilderness, the power of the elements, and the forest scents. There’s a lot to learn in the visitors’ centres!
Our nature reserves are easy to get to: our network of over 100 public lifts will get you to the heart of the reserves in no time.