Dolomiti Supersummer Activities

Discover the two Dolomiti Supersummer worlds

Dolomiti Supersummer Activities

Discover the two worlds of Dolomiti Supersummer

Dolomiti Supersummer holidays

On your marks, get set, go! Who can pedal fastest? Who’ll get to the huts first? Whether you love getting the blood pumping or want to indulge, a bike excursion or hike set against the backdrop of the stunning Dolomites will help you show what you’re made of. It’s worth your while going at a slower pace from time to time, too. Otherwise, explorers young and old risk missing parts of the landscape and the Dolomites’ views, and who wants that?

There are also tickets available for the perfect unique summertime experience in the mountains. With the Supersummer lift passes, you have a low-cost way for your family to get around the mountains quickly.

The culture and history of the Dolomites

In the provinces of Italy where the Dolomites stand, culture and customs live on proudly. Historic castles, fortresses, churches and traditions abound. 
During the First World War the Dolomites were right on the front line. On our hiking trails and bike paths, holiday makers still come across relics from that time. Old bases, trenches and fortifications give an idea of the harsh conditions of that time.

Protecting nature: Dolomiti Supersummer nature reserves

Home to rare flora and fauna, with great views, the perfect place to relax and to enjoy the present moment: the nature reserves in the Dolomites. Each one is unique.

Visitors can learn about wonders of nature, rare animals and impressive plants in the visitor centres at each nature reserve. There’s so much to learn, all of it fascinating. 

By the way: getting to the nature reserves doesn’t take long, either. A network of over 100 lifts means nature lovers from around the world can travel up the mountains to marvel at the views.