MYTHS - Dolomiti Sound Stories

Are you familiar with the concept of a "head game"?

It's when you engage in listening to someone narrating a story, without the visual element. Your imagination takes the reins, painting vivid images of what you hear, almost like experiencing a cinematic journey. Do you agree?  
Well, Dolomiti Superski aims to offer you moments like this through its latest podcast, MYTHS – Dolomiti Sound Stories. Two mountain girls, Margherita and Ulli, will tell you about the Dolomites and introduce you to characters from their valleys. These characters will unfold a treasure trove of emotions, experiences, and stories, providing you with an opportunity to explore the world's most beautiful mountains and their inhabitants on a deeper level. The first season of this podcast, is accessible for free on popular podcast platforms.

Wishing you an enriching "cinematic" experience!


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