Tours across multiple regions

The Sellaronda MTB TOUR clockwise and counterclockwise together with the Latemar circumnavigation are the panoramic mountain bike tours accross multiple regions in the Dolomites - UNESCO World Heritage.

Sellaronda MTB TOUR

Sellaronda MTB TOUR

1. Sellaronda MTB TOUR - CLOCKWISE

The Sellaronda MTB TOUR can be started from one of the four valleys around the Sella massif: Val Gardena, Alta Badia, Arabba or Val di Fassa.

The clockwise Sellaronda MTB TOUR involves relatively few uphill metres to cycle (about 370 m), thanks to the use of lifts that allow the transport of mountain bikes and e-bikes. There are numerous trails that require good riding technique. The total time varies according to riding ability: from a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 9 hours, including lunch break.

From Selva, take the Costabella chairlift and after a short descent on a gravel road, you reach the Dantercepies cable car. The first descent begins just below the mountain station: a single trail leads to the Gardena Pass and then on to Colfosco. From Corvara you take two more lifts before tackling the Panrama high trail to Pralongià and a flow trail to the Campolongo Pass. From here, take the Campolongo chairlift up and downhill on a trail that requires advanced riding technique to Arabba. The Pescoi and Forcella Europa lifts take you back to the top. From the top station you can admire the spectacular Marmolada glacier and the artificial lake of Fedaia.
The descent to the Fodom lift above Arabba is particularly challenging on a very steep gravel road and trail. From the Pordoi Pass, a long trail leads to Canazei. From Campitello you take the cable car to Col Rodella and continue on a flow trail to the Sella Pass. A short pedalling passage through the Stone City leads to the highest point of this special rock formation at the foot of the Sassolungo. From here, two flow trails lead to Plan de Gralba and further along a path to Selva Gardena.


The Sellaronda MTB Tour can be started from one of the four valleys around the Sella Massif: from Val Gardena, Alta Badia, Arabba, or Val di Fassa.

The counter-clockwise Sellaronda MTB Tour has a total altitude difference of approx. 1,020 m to ride uphill and descents that vary from single trails to gravel roads. It is therefore suitable for uphill cycling with or without pedal assistance/e-bike. The time required varies according to MTB riding ability: from a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 9 hours, including lunch break.

From Arabba, after a short stretch on the asphalt road, the route goes up through the forest to the hamlet of Cherz and from there on to the Inzija meadows above the Campolongo Pass. Then the descent begins, partly on trail, partly on a gravel road to Corvara. A not too strenuous climb leads to Colfosco, where the cable car to the Grödner Joch allows for a short rest and a magnificent view of the surrounding mountains before starting the descent into the Grödental.
With the Ciampinoi cable car and a first short descent along a path that is also used by pedestrians, you arrive directly at the foot of the Sassolungo. A short descent on a gravel road leads to the Gran Paradiso chairlift, whose mountain station is at the highest point of the Stone City. From here the trail continues to the car park below the Sella Pass. After crossing the car park, the trail goes uphill for a short distance on a path and a short distance on a gravel road towards Salei. On the left, a trail then begins, first on the ski slope and next to the gravel road, until it branches off into the woods. Once in Pian Frataces, the trail continues to Canazei in the Val di Fassa.
From Canazei, with the help of two lifts, you reach the Col dei Rossi, from where you can view the queen of the Dolomites, the Marmolada, and the Fedaia reservoir. Here begins a single trail to the start of the Fodom cable car that leads up to the Pordoijoch. A very scenic MTB trail leads to Burz, from where another, rather technical single trail leads to Arabba.

Latemar circumnavigation

This tour promises not only breathtaking Dolomites views, but also unforgettable impressions of the beautiful Lake of Carezza (Karersee). An ebike is recommended in any case, as the tour with a total length of 110 km and almost 4,300 high meters is quite demanding. In order to keep the metres in altitude within limits, several lifts are used. Overall, the tour offers a wonderful mix of thousands of panoramas, single trails, gravel roads, cycle paths, forests and meadows.

The start is in Selva di Val Gardena. Thanks to the Ciampinoi lifts, you save metres in altitude. From Ciampinoi, a path (attention: hiking trail, so please ride respectfully) leads to the Comici Hut. Take the meadow path to the right of the gravel road downhill to the Gran Paradiso chairlift, which takes you to the highest point of the famous Stone City (Città dei Sassi/Steinerne Stadt). Via the Stone City you reach the Sella Pass and after a short ascent you reach the regional border between Val Gardena and the Sella Pass. From here a great natural trail, named Rodelline, leads downhill toward Val di Fassa. First it runs flowing over the ski slope, then briefly left along the gravel road before the natural part begins on the right in the forest. There are two difficulty variants and both lead over roots, sticks and stones to Pian Frataces. From here continue along the Infinity Trail to Canazei. On the beautiful cycle path that connects the entire Val di Fassa, you cycle past the various traditional villages of the Val di Fassa to Predazzo. With the new Gardonè cable car and the following chairlift, you reach Passo Ferdo. Now it's a short ride on the ski slope and then on gravel roads and trails through forests and meadows to Obereggen. Of course, a detour to the beautiful Karersee lake is not to be missed; its beautiful turquoise-green colours make it well worth the trip. The route then descends to Welschnofen. Once again, thanks to a lift, metres in altitude are saved and then it's a leisurely ride along a forest road to the Karer Pass. From the pass there is only the asphalt road back to the Val di Fassa to Pozza. From Pozza we take the cycle path back down into the valley to Campitello and up on the Col Rodella cable car. Now the Icarus Trail and a short way back to the Sella Pass await us. The short section uphill to the top station of the Gran Paradiso chairlift is a must, because the subsequent Paravis and Family flow trails or, for the more daring, the Jump Line to Plan de Gralba, make this biking day perfect. From Plan de Gralba, the trail leads back to the starting point in Selva Gardena. 

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