Winter for everyone

Looking for winter activities away from the slopes at Dolomiti Superski? Let us help you out. Sure, skiing and snowboarding are the popular sports, but there’s more to winter in the Dolomites than just those. Tobogganing, cross-country skiing, ice skating, winter hikes, and snowshoeing are just some of the activities you can enjoy in this winter wonderland. Whether you want a laid-back experience or want to go flat-out, you’re in the right place for the perfect winter holiday!


Runners gliding through fresh snow as the wind blows in your face and the adrenaline floods your body. Tobogganing is as much a part of winter as snow and dark nights, and it’s fun for the whole family. Wander up the mountain and enjoy a well-deserved break in a hut before jumping into your toboggan and speeding down the Dolomites into the valley.

Ice skating

Graceful pirouettes and chasing ice hockey pucks – blades sliding along the smooth ice is always elegant. You never feel lighter on your feet than you do on the ice. Whether you’re practicing your usual skating routine or braving your first steps out onto a picture-perfect frozen lake surrounded by the Dolomites – or you’re at an indoor ice rink because the weather is too bad – you’re sure to enjoy the thrill.

By the way: Carolina Kostner, European and World Champion ice skater many times over, is from Val Gardena, which just goes to show that the Dolomites really is where the best skating happens.

Cross-country skiing with Dolomiti Superski

Enjoy well-prepared and signposted routes through the calm winter landscape: how you explore them is up to you. Dolomiti Superski boasts 1,177 km of cross-country ski trails. The trails in the twelve Dolomite ski resorts aren’t just guaranteed to have snow – they’re also amongst the most beautiful in Europe, with breathtaking panoramic views.

Winter hiking

Hiking isn’t just something you can do in the warmer weather, especially in the Dolomites. Stomping your way through a quiet winter landscape, with snowshoes or footgear, will make you feel closer to nature. Enjoy the quiet as you head down prepared winter hiking trails and stumble across some gems like traditional farms, historic monuments, white mountain pastures and cosy hunting lodges. The sun will show you the way.