Arabba / Marmolada

Marmolada glacier

The largest glacier in the whole Dolomites is in Marmolada.

Unesco Ice heart
Ice heart

The famous Queen of the Dolomites, Mount Marmolada, is known alco for its ethernal glaciers and snowfields which are important part of the ichonic Dolomites views.

Marmolada glacier had an important role in history expecially when it hosted, during World War I, a real city inside: the famous "Città di Ghiaccio". 


Città di ghiaccio could host more than 200 soldiers and was about 12 km long.

The important role of Marmolada glacier. 

Patrimonio Unesco

Patrimonio Unesco

You are in Unesco Dolomites, a place where iconic peaks and pale mountains give unique and unforgettable views to all of us. Mount Marmolada is the highest peak of the entire Dolomites, knows also as The Queen. Mountains are snow-covered, forests and meadows are silent giving us a magical atmosphere.

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