Your winter holiday in Arabba/Marmolada

Endless sport and experiences on offer

Winter excursions

A real must-do in Rocca Pietore area are snowshoes excursions, suitable for whom who love winter hiking surrounding by the unspoiled nature.If you are not a skier or if you want to spend a different vacation, an excursion with snowshoes is always a good idea! You can breathe fresh and pure mountain air while discovering the most hidden corners of Rocca Pietore area.It is important to keep on mind that practise winter excursions means also to pay the necessary attention to the weather and the amount of snow on the ground. Before starting is important to have a look at the weather and avalanche forecastfor the area and get some technical information about the route.
A good suggestion is also to contact a local Alpine Guide to appreciate for the first time snowshoes excursions or to have a mountain leader who guides you discovering the amazing Dolomites.

Ice Climbing

In wintertime you can find lots of frozen waterfalls in Rocca Pietore and in the whole Dolomites e where ice climbers and adrenaline lovers can practice this really unique sport.Ice climbing is an incredibly challenging experience, both physically and mentally, it needs concentration, dedication and strength..You will feel to climb something ephemeral at the sound of the ice scratched by crampons and axes. You will safety enjoy an ascent to the top of an icefall with an expert local Alpine Guide.If you need the best equipment, you can can visit our local professional mountain shops, where you can find everything you need: sport equipment, guides and precious suggestions.In Rocca Pietore area there is a large variety of natural waterfalls, not so popular, but wonderful and immersed in the unspoiled nature.

Cross-country ski

Cross-country ski is the most ancient ski discipline, it was born in North Europe but has an important tradition also in the heart of the Dolomites.Cross-country ski, also known as nordic skiing, has two different techniques: free technique also known as skating and classical technique.In Rocca Pietore land there are many tracks for differents levels where the local Nordic Ski Club SCI NORDICO MARMOLADAfrom always trains and handes down between generation the passion for this wonderful and complete winter sport.If you want to try cross-county ski for the first time or if you want to improve you technique you can contact our local Ski School SCUOLA SCI MARMOLADA where experts and qualifies instructors can accompany you to discover nordic ski secrets.