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The best holiday sites in Carezza


A teeny-tiny, fairy tale mountain village — that’s Carezza. Strictly speaking, it’s a district of Welschnofen municipality, but Carezza is more than just that. And not only because of legendary Lake Carezza. This little village is the perfect spot between Welschnofen and Passo Carezza, in the middle of an enchanted forest beyond which the stunning Latemar awaits. Village life, and even the hustle and bustle of Bolzano/Bozen, are still within easy reach for those who want it.


The municipality of Welschnofen feel so close to the mountains – and for a good reason, as it’s in the centre of the Carezza ski resort. Just 2,000 people call this village home. Boasting an altitude of 1,182 metres, the villagers are surrounded by a UNESCO world heritage site where the Rosengarten massif towers over them. Every day, as night turns to day and back again, these mountains are drenched in a mesmerising display of red and pink hues.

Tiers am Rosengarten

This village lies between the Schlern and Rosengarten, but it feels as though you’re a world away from anywhere. Surrounded by forests and woods, it stands practically alone at an altitude of 1,000 m above sea level. But if you’re looking for adventure, you don’t have far to look! After all, Tiers am Rosengarten and St. Zyprian, as well as nearby Völser Aicha, are part of the Schlern-Rosengarten nature reserve — and of the Carezza ski resort. So there’s no shortage of excellent slopes!