Attractions and experiences in Carezza

The König Laurin gondola

Want to get to the Fronza alla Coronelle hut easily? One of the special attractions you can experience in Carezza is the new 10-gondola lift, the König Laurin. Open since 2021, it takes travellers from the Frommer Hut to the Fronza alla Coronelle Hut covering a distance of 1,807 metres. The mountain station isn’t actually visible — all you can see is the gap where the gondolas enter and exit the underground station, and the access tunnel. At the same time the gondola was being built, the chair lift to the Moseralm was also being extended, meaning you can get to the plateau under the Rosengarten without using a car. 

Una visita alle Dolomiti Patrimonio UNESCO

Visit the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site 

The Carezza ski resort has long been dedicated to sustainable tourism, so getting from Bolzano/Bozen to the Rosengarten with eco-friendly travel options is easy. The new lifts mean everybody can experience the unique panorama. 

Tires cable car

Getting to the Rosengarten plateau with the unique Cabrio cable car

A 3.8 km-long new aerial tramway seating 60 people has connected the Tierser Tal valley to the Rosengarten since January 2022. It takes just 7 minutes to get from St. Zyprian to the Frommer Hut in the Carezza ski resort. From the Frommer Hut you can then take the König Laurin gondola.