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The new "King Laurin" cableway

to the Cologne Hut with "invisible" mountain station

The first cableway project of the renowned South Tyrolean architect Werner Tscholl – Realization of a mobility concept beneath the "Rose Garden" through extension of the Tschein chairlift to the Moser Alm with connection by foot to Karer Lake / Lago di Carezza

In June 2021 the construction work on the new 10-passenger "King Laurin" gondola-type aerial lift from the Frommer Alm to the Cologne Hut will end. The entire 1,807-meter long cableway and its midway station enables passengers to ascend 560 meters in safety and comfort in just 6.5 minutes, arriving directly at the cliffs of the legendary "Rose Garden" and the Cologne Hut at 2,337 meters above sea-level.

It is the first cableway project of the renowned South Tyrolean architect Werner Tscholl, who is responsible for the design of the mountain station. "The building site of the new mountain station has a very delicate and exposed location and is thus not suitable for the integration into the landscape of the purely technical structure of a conventionally designed cableway. The mountain station is located in the direct field of vision of the Rose Garden. For this reason, the integration of a structure with only a low visual profile had top priority," explained Italy's "2016 Architect of the Year," Werner Tscholl.

Thus, the mountain station is not be visible as an independent architectural object.

Only the entrance and exit portals through which the gondolas enter and leave the underground station and the access tunnel for hikers and skiers are visibly cut into the side of the slope. From here, skiers can ski directly onto the ski slope, and hikers can access the existent hiking trails.

An escalator and an elevator lead directly from the entrance level to the level of the Laurin Lounge. Werner Tscholl: "The impression of a cave entrance alludes to the legend of Laurin. The skiers and hikers enter, so to speak, King Laurin's underground palace in the Rose Garden. As the legend says, "The entrances to King Laurin's enchanted realm are lost to memory, his gates have sunk, their keys have been lost… But one day, children and singers will rediscover them and open them up again." A terrace running parallel to the building's perimeter will be installed in front of the Laurin Lounge. This terrace is expanded to a look-out point by integrating the former pedestal of the chairlift.

Parallel to the construction of the new gondola-type cableway, the Tschein chairlift has been extended to the Moser Alm. "This extension provides a new, modern offering for the summer," explains Florian Eisath, business manager of Carezza Dolomites. "Our vision is to make it possible to enjoy this high-altitude plateau beneath the Rose Garden without a car. Thus, from June 2021, it will be possible to start out from Welschnofen with the gondola-type cableway and then to continue in an environmentally friendly manner by foot, by bike, or with the cableways all the way to Karer Lake / Lago di Carezza and to hike / cycle back. From the lake, too, one can reach the valley station of the Tschein chairlift in just 20 minutes by foot. A connection to the new King Laurin cableway is thus guaranteed," says Florian Eisath. 

Come explore the UNESCO World Nature Heritage of the Dolomites!

It's possible to travel with environmentally friendly means of transportation all the way from the provincial capital directly to the cliffs of the Rose Garden without encountering any barriers. Because of the new investments made in a modern aerial lift, everyone – without exception – can now enjoy the unique panorama of the Rose Garden. For years, now, Carezza Dolomites has undertaken considerable efforts to promote sustainable tourism. In the autumn of 2019, it also joined the 2025 Climate Neutrality Alliance. "The goal is to establish – by means of prudent and responsible management policies – a sustainable offering for the enjoyment of the mountains on a year-round basis and to provide impetus to the region and other companies. Especially during the current crisis, it is vital that we set positive signals and emphasize the importance of sustainable management," concludes Florian Eisath.


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NEW: The Tiers / Tires aerial cableway

Experience the high-altitude plateau beneath the Rose Garden without relying on cars! One-of-a-kind convertible aerial tram in South Tyrol.

On January 15, 2022, the dream will finally become a reality: A new 3.8-km-long reversible aerial tram with a capacity of 60 passengers will connect the Tiers / Tires Valley with the Rose Garden. It will then be possible to travel from St. Zyprian / San Cipriano to the Fromm Alm in the Carezza Dolomites Ski Area and the Rose Garden hiking area in just seven minutes. The tram traverses a total of 644 meters in altitude. From the Fromm Alm, you can then take the new König Laurin reversible aerial tram to the underground mountain station at the Cologne Hut and begin exploring the magnificent empire of King Laurin.

Under the motto "less is more – nothing is better!", the renowned South Tyrolean architect Werner Tscholl has seamlessly embedded the valley and mountain stations into the fascinating landscape of the Rose Garden. The stations vanish into the meadows. Only the entrances and exits are still visible.

The operation of the Tschein chairlift during the summer season, too, now affords visitors a new tour at the foot of the Rose Garden: You can now take the cableways and continue a couple of minutes on foot to reach Lake Carezza – and also take the return trip – all without having to use a car. The connection to the hiking trails leading to Tiers / Tires – especially towards the Haniger Schwaige – by the new cableways represent an additional plus.

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