How to reach the seiser alm holiday area

The Seiser Alm holiday area is a region of unique scenic beauty and is simultaneously a nature protection region. Guests and local residents are free to engage in their individual recreational and vacation activities. 

However, in order to ensure that the Seiser Alm holiday area retains its pristine character, we've established an environmentally conscious but highly convenient transit system. 

For this reason, the road leading to the Seiser Alm holiday area is blocked for private personal traffic from 9:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m.

Nevertheless, it's still quite easy to reach the Seiser Alm with the Seiser Alm Cableway or the bus.

The easy way to get to Seiser Alm holiday area

  • Motorway exit A 22 Chiusa - Altipiano dello Sciliar/Seiser Alm (Castelrotto 17 km; Siusi allo Sciliar 17 km; Seiser Alm 24 km; Fiè allo Sciliar 22 km) 
  • Motorway exit A 22 Bolzano Nord - Altipiano dello Sciliar/Seiser Alm (Fiè allo Sciliar 15 km; Siusi allo Sciliar 19 km; Seiser Alm 29 km; Castelrotto 22 km) 

IC and EC trains stop at Bolzano and Bressanone, where many visitors are met or continue their journey by modern coaches.

South Tyrol can now be reached even faster and more conveniently!

The nearest airports are Bolzano (30 km), Verona (190 km), Treviso (220 km), Venezia (180 km), Milan Linate (360 km), Milan Malpensa (390 km), Innsbruck (130 km) and Munich (330 km). 

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