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A ski lift that wrote history

Slittovia Alpe di Siusi

Skiing without lifts. Around 1900, the Alpe di Siusi was seen as the perfect ski resort even back in the days before lifts, when skiers climbed up to the mountain plateau with their skis. Winter sports fans took a number of routes from all directions up to the Alpe di Siusi, and the mere act of getting to the ski area was an adventure in itself: With skis firmly strapped on backs, the climb to the high plateau began. As soon as they arrived at snow-covered ground, the skiers fitted skins to their skis and continued the walk uphill, much like a modern-day ski tour. One popular destination was the highest point of Alpe di Siusi, the Punta d’Oro, a route that boasted a particularly long descent in deep snow. At that time, the first ski races were held on the Alpe di Siusi, including the downhill "Coppa Cristomanno" race (1935), organised by the Winter sports Club Alpe di Siusi.

The first lifts. When the cable car from Ortisei to the Alpe di Siusi went up and running in the winter of 1935/36, getting to the area was considerably more convenient for skiers, and winter sports fans. Who could afford to travel by train to Ortisei, was now able to save themselves the arduous climb on foot. The first lift on the Alpe di Siusi itself was the "Slittovia Giogo Panorama” sledge-lift, which opened in the winter of 1938/39 and was the first lift to be used exclusively for the skiing industry. One year later the first ski lift, the "Mezdì-Lift,” began running, followed by the first chairlift, the "Monte Piz,” in 1949. In just a few years, the ski resort boasted all the principal types of lift for the times (sledge-lift, ski lift and single chairlift).