Slopes at Marmolada

Sporty ski runs and spacious slopes

The twelve kilometre “Bellunese” run begins at an altitude of over 3,000 metres, with a view of the Dolomites and the distant Austrian Alps, before embarking on a descent featuring a 1,800 metre difference in elevation. Take on this next-level challenge at the Marmolada ski resort, which boasts some 63 kilometres of slopes and 27 lifts.

The challenge: the red and black slopes are highly demanding – even for seasoned professionals.

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Open km of slopes 0 of 17
Season 15/12/2018 - 07/04/2019
State No Name Night skiing Details
State closed 50 Padon A
State closed 52 Arei II 1
State closed 52 Arei II 2
State closed 60 Punta Rocca
State closed 61 Sass del Mul
State closed 62 Sass del Mul Fedaia
State No Name Night skiing Details
State open Carpazza 1
State open 1 Salere
State open 4 Pordoi
State open 6 Ornella
State open 11 Portados
State open 20 Due Baite 1
State open 22 Avoie
State open 25 Connection Plan Boè
State open 26 Rientro
State open 27 Bec De Roces
State open 28 Variante Bec de Roces
State open 29 Campolongo
State open 31 Cherz II
State open 39 Rutort
State open 40 Belvedere I
State open 42 Maria I
State open 44 Raccordo 2
State open 45 Arabba
State open 46 Alpenrose
State closed 3 Fodoma
State closed 5 Sourasass
State closed 7 Padon 1
State closed 8 Mesola
State closed 9 Sass De La Vegla
State closed 13 Raccordo Ornella-Sourasas
State closed 21 Burz
State closed 23 Variante Avoie
State closed 24 Savinè
State closed 30 Cherz I
State closed 33 Incisa
State closed 34 Pista del Sole
State closed 35 PISTA DEL SOLE
State closed 41 Belvedere II
State closed 47
State closed 32
State closed 43