Discover the holiday villages in Gitschberg Jochtal - Brixen


Vals is located only a few minutes by car from Mühlbach, at 1,353 meters above the sea at the end of the homonymous mountain valley. Not only its location is striking, but it also scores with one of the most beautiful alpine pastures, the so-called Fane Alm.


On the sunny plateau above the municipality of Rio di Pusteria is the fraction of Maranza. From Maranza you can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of the Val Pusteria and the Valle Isarco. In the nearby skiing and hiking paradise Gitschberg Jochtal nature lovers will be more than satisfied.


Behind the mighty towers of the Cathedral of Brixen rises Mount Plose with all its offers and possibilities to spend a great winterday outdoor. The perfect holiday in South Tyrol is as individual as you. In order to make it the perfect place, Brixen Plose has a whole range of offers and possibilites to spend your holidays the way you wish to.


Five picturesque villages set among dreamy woods, vibrant habitats and golden apple orchards: welcome to the Naz-Sciaves apple plateau. The plateau is surrounded by the rugged edges of the Rienz gorge, which defines the landscape and illustrates how the forces of nature have shaped the area over thousands of years.


Terento is located on a high-plateau in the Pustertal Valley at an altitude of 1210 m. Due to the very sunny position, the village is known as the sunny village of the Pustertal Valley.
Farming traditions are lovingly maintained, just as they have always been.
The winter turns the village of sun into a village of snow and Being active outdoors is not hard to do.
The skilift in Terenten is perfect for families and kids.


The outstanding Rodenegg Castle, with its unique Iwein frescoes, rests on a rock cliff at the end of the village of Rodeneck above the ravine of the Rienz River. Up high, Europe’s longest high alpine plateau, the Rodenecker-Lüsner Alm and its lodges invite guests to go hiking and take a break.


Un paese incontaminato situato a fondo valle, caratterizzato dalla genuinità del modo di vivere altoatesino che si caratterizza per quel tocco di atmosfera del passato. In valle avrete la possibilità di trovare ogni tipologia di alloggio: dal maso contadino con minizoo, al semplice appartamento per vacanze, fino ai meravigliosi ed eleganti Hotel.

S. Andrea

Sant'Andrea, a fraction of Bressanone, is located at 960 m above sea level on the sunny slopes of Plose, the mountain of skiing and relaxation. From here you can enjoy a splendid view of the city and the "Valle Isarco" valley. An ideal place to relax, but also to practice many activities at any time of the year!


The unspoilt Villnöss valley with the Geisler/Odle peaks lies in the heart of the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site. In winter, the valley impresses with active experiences in the unspoilt nature. Situated directly in the village of St. Magdalena, the ski adventure mountain boasts all of the advantages needed for families to enjoy an unforgettable day. The wide range of activities available, as well as the convenient layout of the skiing area “Filler”, make it unique. It is particularly popular with families with children and ski beginners because it allows a playful and gentle introduction into the world of skiing.


No one is jostling at the lifts, the slopes are pleasantly empty, and a ski hut where hot chocolate awaits: Although they are overshadowed by the well-known large ski resorts, small ski areas and village lifts such as the Maders ski lift are undoubtedly excellent alternatives. Especially families and amateurs can comfortably combine the pleasure of skiing with the romance of the winter season

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