Arabba / Marmolada

The 7 WOW points of the Arabba area

Where the view relaxes body and mind

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Sass Pordoi

Arabba and its Fodom valley has very steep paths, it is the ideal destination for all enthusiasts, hikers and Mtbikers who are not afraid of paths and trails with slopes. Thanks to the connection with the ski lifts, active even in summer and with the possibility of loading bikes, you can easily reach all the views just a few steps from the village center.

Arabba / Marmolada Natura TOP views in a TOP valley
TOP views in a TOP valley
The Fodom valley is the steepest V-shaped valley of the other Ladin valleys around the Sella massif. This accentuated slope has created the perfect territory for all thrill-seekers, with record-breaking MTB descents and breathtaking walks in summer and TOP black runs in winter. Nevertheless, these routes always lead to the discovery of WOW points.
Impossible not to immortalize during a break.


Here are the 7 points, one for each day of the week!

1. Cherz Plateau

Altipiano del Cherz

Located just above the Campolongo Pass, it is one of the most panoramic points of the entire area, with a 360° view of the Dolomites (even the Austrian Alps). Its view extends:

-to the north the Val Badia with Sassongher, Sass Ciampac, Piz de Lavarela, Pia Dles Conturines, the Sass Dla Crusc group and at the bottom Sass Putia, the Alps are visible in the distance;

-to the east the Tofane, the Lagazuoi, the Cima Scotoni group with the Fanes;

-to the south the Civetta, Sief and Col di Lana, Pelmo and the queen mountain of the Dolomites: the Marmolada;

-to the west you can admire the Sella massif in all its beauty.

2. Porta Vescovo

Porta Vescovo

As soon as you reach the top, the large terrace allows you to fully admire the spectacle that lies ahead:

- to the south the Marmolada, the small and large Vernel;

- the Sella Group (also called Boè), the Puez, the Sasso della Croce, the Lagazuoi and the Tofane to the north;

- to the east you will see the peak of Col di Lana, Croda da Lago, Antelao, Sorapiss, Averau, Nuvolau and Mount Pelmo;

-to the west you can see the Catinaccio and Sasso Lungo.

3. Mount Burz


Situated just below the Sella massif, Mount Burz offers a view of Arabba and Precumon from above, with a view of the mountains similar to that found in Arabba, but from a whole new perspective over Porta Vescovo, Col di Lana, Monte Pelmo, Sett Sass and Bec de Roces.

It can be reached by taking the Burz chairlift, the departure point of which is 100m from the centre of the village. More convenient than this.

4. Bec de Roces

Bec de Roces

Facing the Cherz plateau, the Bec de Roces can be reached from the Campolongo pass with the Campolongo-Bec de Roces chairlift.

The panorama, thanks to the presence of rocks that seem to come out of the ground and the artificial lake just below, makes the surrounding landscape unique, and it is possible to explore the area thanks to the various paths and trails that branch off from the plateau.

5. Sass Pordoi

Sass Pordoi N

It is impossible not to mention this enormous Dolomite terrace. Thanks to the Sass Pordoi cable car, which takes you from 2239m to 2950m in just 4 minutes, the view is breathtaking:

white dolomite rocks as far as the eye can see, little flora and occasional remnants of snow, a total view of the Fassa Valley and the Fodom Valley.

The thrill that comes from standing on 2 feet in the cable car ride and observing the natural spectacle on the edge of one of these dolomite walls is something to be experienced.

Suffice it to say that Italian singer Elodie filmed her song 'Vertigine' right on one of the thrilling ledges.

6. Marmolada


The queen of the Dolomites. With its three cable cars, from the 1450m of Malga Ciapela to the 3265m of Punta Rocca, the second highest point, the peak becomes accessible to all.

The view, just for the record, on a good day allows the vision of Venice. I leave it to you to conclude what you cannot see from a terrace at this height.

Punta Rocca is also home to the Grotta della Madonna, a chapel consecrated by Pope John Paul II in 1979.

7. Pralongià


Wide green meadows, gentle trails and lots of sunshine. These are the peculiarities of  Pralongià.

This morphology of the area relaxes the eyes and mind, making it impossible not to fall in love with this place, with a view:

- to the north of the Austrian Alps;

- to the south the Marmolada;

- to the east and west, the mountains of the district that characterise the two Ladin valleys of Fodom and Badia.

BONUS! Piz Boè 3.152 m

From the high altitude station of the Sass Pordoi cable car, you can take path no. 638, which leads to the highest point of the Sella massif, Piz Boè. The panorama is not even comparable to that of the Marmolada, being in an opposite location. Only a small part of the panorama is visible from the photo, I leave it to you to go up and tag #arabba #fodom #dolomites #arabbawow with the views not framed by this photo.

Enjoy the hike!

BONUS! Piz Boè 3.152 m