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Arabba MTB
For those who love mountain trails on fat bikes and don't want to miss out on the view, there is a route for you in Arabba. The "Panoramic Tour Arabba" is a circular route that runs along the area of Porta Vescovo, Pordoi and Burz, always at high altitude, starting and finishing in Arabba of course.

Around 2 hours and 30 minutes of pure Dolomite heartbeat


MTB Portavescovo



The circuit starts from the centre of Arabba, taking the Porta Vescovo cable car or gondola.

Once at the top, the large terrace allows you to admire in all its splendour the queen of the Dolomites, the Marmolada, which is right in front of you.

Satiated by the view, you can take the direction of the "Porta Vescovo Rosso" Trail, indicated by the appropriate signposts.

Pônt de Vauz

MTB Pont de Vauz

From 2470mt of Porta Vescovo you arrive at 1854mt of Pônt de Vauz (Ponte Vauz), at the start of the Fodom cable car, with which you will ascend to the summit of Passo Pordoi, at 2232mt, from where you can make a stage up to Sass Pordoi.

Discover Sass Pordoi hereDiscover Sass Pordoi here

From Pordoi to Mount Burz




From the 2232m of the Pordoi Pass arrival point, head to the right on the road that leads to the Pordoi Ossuary, a war cemetery dating back to 1959.

Just before arriving at the Ossuary, you will find a junction on the right that leads to the dirt track, beginning an up and down climb to the east under the Sella massif, which leads to Monte Burz, from where you can take the return route to Arabba.


Pordoi Ossuary


As already mentioned, the Pordoi War Ossuary is a war cemetery, the construction of which was completed in 1959. It contains the remains of about 9000 Austrian and German soldiers who lost their lives mainly in the First World War, but there are also the remains of about 800 soldiers who lost their lives during the Second World War. There is a monument with all the names of the buried soldiers, as well as a votive lamp and statues of suffering soldiers. The entire facility is run by the Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfűrsorge, the Austrian Black Cross, and is open all day in summer.

Return from Mount Burz to Arabba



The path continues just below the Ossuary, starting with an up and down under the Sella massif, arriving at Monte Burz, from where you will return to the starting point, Arabba.

This is a downhill route, which starts by keeping to the left of the Burz chairlift and the Burz refugee, initially very smooth with jumps and parabolics, ending instead with traverses and hairpin bends among the larches until the arrival in Arabba.