Arabba / Marmolada

Searching for Bec the bear

The Bec de Roces family trail

Kids Track characteristics
Track characteristics

The "Bearlock Horlmes in search of Bec the bear" trail is suitable for everyone, especially families. There are two routes: the longer route already mentioned and the 'Baby Bear' sensory route.

The 'Bearlock Horlmes in search of Bec the bear' trail is a loop trail with a total length of 1.1 km and a difference in altitude of 62 metres, which takes about three quarters of an hour to complete.

The Bec de Roces discovery walk

"Bearlock Horlmes in search of Bec the bear".

Orsetto Bec de Roces

This pleasant route starts just a few metres from the arrival of the Passo Campolongo-Bec de Roces chairlifts.

At the arrival of the chairlift, in the various hotels in the valley or at the tourist office in Arabba you can get the card with the map of the route.

As well as the map, there are also boxes on the card which can be punched using the special punches hanging from the 10 bears along the route. Once you have found all the bears and punched all the boxes, you can hand in your completed card at the Bec de Roces Refuge and you will receive a nice gift!

“Baby Bear”

On the large plateau in front of the Bec de Roces hut, you can find the "Baby Bear" sensory trail, to be walked barefoot. In the various pools, you can walk on different elements present in the mountains: bark, pine needles, stones, rocks, pine cones, sand and water. Have fun with your children experimenting with these pools!