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Casa del cibo

The delicacy of Tosèla cheese, the aroma of Lucanica Cauriota and Carne Fumada de Siror, the fragrance and color of the mountain flowers of Botìro di Primiero, which has become a Slow Food Presidium, are just some of the products that allow you to embark on a journey through the flavors of Primiero. One way to discover the authentic flavors of the region is the Dolomites Cheese Road, which connects a selection of local producers, as well as places to taste, stay, and shop, along with delicious experiences, initiatives, and events for everyone.

The custodian of the local gastronomic culture is the Casa del Cibo at Palazzo Scopoli, in the heart of Tonadico, which offers a rich calendar of food and wine experiences in every season, coordinated by the Dolomites Cheese Road, and involving producers, taste artisans, chefs, and local associations. It is a place of storytelling, with stories and curiosities related to local food (including the Slow Food Earth Market), as well as tastings and narrated aperitifs to discover the cheeses of Primiero, Trentino wines, and craft beer, combined with guided tours of the village, its countryside, and the Palazzo itself. Its brand-new educational kitchen is the ideal location for meeting local chefs, who are the protagonists of apericena (aperitivo-dinner), cooking classes, and gourmet tastings, where the best combinations between local recipes and labels from the Trentino Wine Consortium can be tested. In short, it is a splendid open-air palace, the pulsating heart of a widespread museum of taste, for and by the community, showcasing the best food and wine productions made in Primiero.

Casa del Cibo - Palazzo Scopoli
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