Primiero - an Alpine Pearl

In 2022, the Municipality of Primiero San Martino di Castrozza joined the "Alpine Pearls" network, adding another recognition to those previously received for the virtuous commitment of the territory towards environmental sustainability and perfectly in line with the shared strategic direction at the local level.

16e-car public chargers

100%Renewable Energy

192 km2Natural Park

15public e-bike charging stations

Welcome to an Alpine Pearl!

Baita Segantini

"Alpine Pearls" is an international network that brings together 19 tourist destinations from four countries in the Alps (Italy, Germany, Austria, and Slovenia) with the aim of promoting environmentally friendly and sustainable tourism.

Each destination - or rather, each Alpine Pearl - is dedicated to themes such as environmental protection, responsible use of resources, preservation of local identities, and cultural uniqueness. Therefore, they are committed to offering conscious vacation experiences in harmony with nature, along with eco-friendly and gentle mobility solutions.