The Natural Park

Those who choose this marvelous corner of Trentino for their vacation have indelible images in their eyes of landscapes dominated by imposing mountains and a magical nature, characterized by profoundly different yet equally evocative environments.

3visitors centers

20.000Hectares of extension

A treasureof biodiversity


Rocky plateaus and walls of white dolomite, vertical cliffs of dark porphyry, gorges carved by rushing torrents and small glaciers, gentle alpine meadows and round flowered prairies, clear water mirrors, and suggestive ancient forests that amplify the voices of nature.

All this extraordinary heritage of landscapes is safeguarded by the Paneveggio Pale di San Martino Natural Park: an area of 20,000 hectares where the rediscovery of the environment, far from chaos, is as natural as a fleeting encounter with deer and marmots during a walk or the sighting of chamois and black grouse during a day of skiing or snowshoeing.

Lago Cavallazza

The serenity conveyed by these postcard-perfect landscapes blends with the intense emotions that experiences in the area can offer during a vacation. In addition to its environmental conservation purposes, the Paneveggio Pale di San Martino Natural Park has also evolved over time into a laboratory of ideas and activities for sustainable tourism development. It presents a unique opportunity to preserve this exceptional stage that, with due respect, transforms into a natural open-air gymnasium. Within the territory, there are three visitor centers, including Villa Welsperg, the headquarters of the Natural Park.

Parco Naturale Paneveggio Pale di San Martino
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