Nature, flavour and fun

With a 360-degree view of the UNESCO Heritage Dolomites, the San Pellegrino Ski Area is also a perfect place in summer for families and fans of outdoor activities.
In a strategic location between Veneto and Trentino, the San Pellegrino Pass connects Falcade and Moena.
This destination for athletes, families and mountain enthusiasts offers walking and hiking trails and mountain biking trials of varying difficulty levels.
The Col Margherita and Falcade also offer a series of theme parks for the discovery of nature and the secrets of the Dolomites.
There are also many possibilities for wining and dining, with a packed calendar of events from June to September.

Nature, flavour and fun

Breath-taking hikes and vistas at the Col Margherita

The Col Margherita (2,520 m) is one of the most charming balconies in the Alpine Arch. More than rock walls, bell towers, valleys and pleasant slopes await tourists and people who love the mountains. An interesting experience just a short walk away is the Col Margherita Park, a theme park designed and built in cooperation with the MUSE science museum of Trento that is laid out in an easy course telling the history and formation of the Dolomites.
At the highest point with the best view, an interactive rudder lets you recognize the shapes of the peaks of the Dolomites rising all around. The Rocce Fiorite course leads you on a discovery of the natural and botanical beauties filling the Dolomites. Gentiana punctata, Gymnadenia rhellicani, Pedicularis tuberosa, Rhodiola rosea and Veronica alpina are some of the plant species you can see without having to labour up long and difficult trails.

Col Margherita ParkCol Margherita Park

For explorers large and small

Guided walks to find the marmots in the fields of Costabella or a jaunt in a horse-drawn carriage to the Fuciade Valley are just two of the many possibilities to spend the day as a family. Climbing the heights in the Falcade-Le Buse cableway will take you to the Garden of Ants and the Artists’ Wood.  An easy walk lets you learn about Formica rufa [the red wood ant], seeing up-close their large, complex ant-hills and the flora that characterises the Alpine Dolomite environment.  Art and nature come together in the Artists’ Wood, an open-air gallery displaying the works of the sculptors and painters of the Biois Valley in a highly evocative setting. A loop of about 1 km allows visitors to see the various works hidden amongst the trees. A permanent and constantly evolving exhibit hosts the creations of artists like Walter De Biasio, Lucio Groja, Mauro Michelotto, Franco Murer, Dunio Piccolin and Sante Piccolin, and many more will soon be added.

Local cuisine

You can choose to indulge your palate with the flavours of Trentino cooking in the Alpe Lusia area, and then dive into the cooking of Veneto by moving along the San Pellegrino Pass to Falcade. You can sample the cuisines of the two areas in many lodges, chalets and restaurants while taking in the wonderful landscapes that enhance the valleys.

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Staying at lodges and hotels with a view of the Dolomites is an experience not to be missed if you would like to spend a day amongst the pinnacles. There are many places to watch the sunrise and the Enrosadira through a window or from one of the sweeping terraces. You can spend the night in one of the facilities in Falcade, high up in the San Pellegrino Pass or in the heart of Moena, the Fairy of the Dolomites. 

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