Discover the Alpe Lusia - San Pellegrino resorts

Traditions and innovations in the heart of the Dolomites


Moena is the door to the Fassa Valley. It is nestled in an alluvial hollow surrounded by some of the most striking mountain ranges, including the Catinaccio, the Latemar and the Monzoni. This is the largest inhabited centre in the Fassa Valley, known as the ‘Fairy of the Dolomites’, which completely embodies the charm and ancient thrill linked to tales lost in the mists of time. The town, which boasts some fascinating architecture, is distinguished by its centre closed to traffic and featuring high-end shops, bars and classy restaurants.  It is located a few kilometres from the lift systems for the Alpe Lusia/San Pellegrino ski area.




The San Pellegrino Pass (1918 m) is a charming Alpine pass halfway between Moena and Falcade, a real paradise for winter sports and snowy fun as well as a destination for hikers and bicyclers. The San Pellegrino Pass, in fact, has always been a target for stars of cycling for their high-altitude training. It offers trails and itineraries that unwind in a frame drawn by the main peaks of the Dolomites, which were declared a UNESCO Natural Heritage in 2009 because of their beauty and unique contour. From December to April and from June to September, the modern lifts in the San Pellegrino Ski Area let you climb to the heights and lose yourself in mountaintops like the Focobon Group, the Pale di San Martino, the Col Margherita and the Costabella Crests.

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Falcade (1100 m) is a pretty town at the foot of the imposing rocky walls of the Focobon in the Biois Valley. It is the Veneto side of the San Pellegrino ski area. From relaxing strolls in the valley to high-altitude routes, from ridgeways to tramways and cliffs: there is no shortage of paths to take on foot, on a bike or on horseback. The Falcade Plain is the valley’s green parlour, with its lake and sports installations where you can practice your hobbies or take it easy in cafés, ice-cream shops and bakeries.  The Biois Valley also includes arts and culture such as the Artists’ Wood and the Garden of Ants in the Le Buse resort, the Museum and birthplace of Pope Luciani in Canale d’Agordo, the dairy museum in Feder and the Murer Museum in Falcade. Vallada Agordina hosts the monumental San Simon Church at 1100 m of altitude, with frescoes by Paris Bordone, a student of Titian, and a Flügelaltar from the 1500s.

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Soraga is one of the most ancient inner parts of the Fassa Valley, one that over the years has grown, beautified and renewed itself while preserving its typical Ladin peculiarities. This town, which is famous for its sculptors and engravers, is located at the slopes of the Vallaccia and the Monzoni and is dominated by the Catinaccio range; its characteristic Fassan centre worships tranquillity and relaxation and offers fantastic walks.