Discovering the valley

The best winter holiday spots in Val Gardena

Selva di Val Gardena

Right under the Sella group – mountain plateaus that look as though they’re holding up the sky – lies the picturesque village of Selva di Val Gardena, known to Ladin-speaking locals as Sëlva, and to German speakers as Wolkenstein. Modernity, rural life, sport and relaxation are all at home here. Selva is surrounded by wonders of nature and the peaks of the UNESCO World Heritage Dolomites.

In the winter, the place is bursting with skiers and snowboarders. Snowshoeing is also popular here.
The legendary Saslong slope is home to two world-famous Ski World Cups.  

Santa Cristina

A place to pause, linger, and come back to. Surrounded by unusual rock formations, this village is a place where hospitality and a love of tradition come together to make everyone feel welcome. Santa Cristina has a population of just under 2,000 people but for generations they’ve been welcoming countless guests visiting the town for sport, skiing, and family holidays. It’s famous for its Monte Pana cross-country skiing centre and the Sellaronda, which can easily be accessed from the village.


Ortisei is a paradise for winter sports fans, whatever it is they’re into. Speakers of the local Ladin language call the town Urtijëi, and it’s famous for its tradition of woodcarving that has been passed on through the generations by local families of artisans. Val Gardena artisan woodcarving is truly outstanding. It’s famous for its nativity figurines, but there’s much more than that available. The town also offers an incredible view over the Seceda, Monte Pic and Resciesa chain. 

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