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Cultura World War One in Dolomites
World War One in Dolomites

The most iconic dolomites peaks which now we admire as the majestics and the most beautiful, 100 years ago where war places and bloody fights stages.
Also nowadays it is possible to explore Great war trenchs and tunnels or visit dedicated museums.
Mount Marmolada hosts a national Mounmental Area and a Museum fully dedicated to first war and soldiers' lives on the front and in the famous “Città di Ghiaccio”, the 12 km tunnels built by austrian soldiers inside Marmolada glacier. 

It is possible to visit Padon tunnels and climb via ferrata delle trincee on Mount Mesola, just inside the walkways built by  the soldiers during the First World War. 

Visit Marmolada Great War Museum 3000 metri, the highest in Europe.

A journey in the history, not to forget.

There are a lot of Great War location not to miss.

Numerosi sono i luoghi della Grande Guerra da non perdere

Cable cars allow to comfy reach high altitude and Great War places such as:

-  Marmolada Great War Museum 3000 meters, at Serauta cableway station
- Serauta Monumental Area
- Forcella Vu excursion in Marmolada
- Madonna cave in Marmolada
- Padon Pass trenches and walkways
- Via Ferrata delle Trincee at Padon Pass 
- “Sentiero degli Obici” path at Padon Pass 

Great War sites visits

Great War places can be explored on your own, but it is recommended to be accompanied by a local Guide. 
To climb via ferratas it is possible to contact Alpine Guide, to visit war trenches local Medium Mountain Guide are available. 

Great War Museum is open to the public with the lift summer season and you can visit it both on your own or in some periods with guided tour.

Dolomites, Unesco World Natural Heritage

Dolomites, Unesco World Natural Heritage

Dolomites is a wonderful world where rock, water and air meet themselves to create a real paradise. Iconic mountains and marvellous landscapes, upright walls and green valleys, small villages surrounded by walkpaths, meadows and forests: all of this and more is Unesco Dolomites.

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