Village life in Alta Badia

Traditional customs, contemporary flair


Corvara is situated at an altitude of 1,568 metres in a sunny basin surrounded by powerful Dolomites peaks. The village lies at the foot of the Sassongher and has been a popular holiday destination for a long time. As early as the 18th century, mountain climbers began making their way here to explore the area. The climbers were mainly geologists and scientists from the United Kingdom who were interested in the unique Dolomites landscape. In the 1930s, winter tourism began to take off and has grown ever since. Corvara is now one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Alps and visitors can look forward to the best hotels, activities, and food you can imagine.

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Nestled directly on the Sellaronda, at an elevation of 1,645 metres on the edge of the Puez-Odle natural park, lies Colfosco, the highest village in the valley. This quaint town has lots to offer for people looking for a holiday that is both relaxing and active. The breathtaking views, spanning from the Sella group to the Sassongher, captivate anyone who beholds them. Moreover, the village boasts an array of accommodation options, including 5-star hotels, cosy bed and breakfasts, rustic cafes, and upscale gourmet restaurants, catering to diverse preferences and ensuring an unforgettable experience for everyone.

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La Villa

La Villa is situated in the centre of Alta Badia at an altitude of 1,433 metres above sea level. Surrounded by the Puez-Odle UNESCO and the Fanes-Senes-Braies natural parks, this picturesque town is a popular summer destination for nature lovers and sports enthusiasts. La Villa is a popular meeting point for thousands of cyclists, as it is the starting point of the Maratona dles Dolomites. As well as cycling, hiking is also very popular here, not least because the town is nestled between two nature reserves.

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San Cassiano

San Cassiano lies at an altitude of 1,537 metres, lying at the foot of the Lavarela and the Conturines mountains which are part of the Fanes-Senes-Prags natural park. This charming mountain village has a cosmopolitan ambience – it has luxury hotels and elegant restaurants alongside smaller family-run accommodations on offer. The pedestrianised village centre bustles with an array of bars, restaurants, and shops, catering to diverse tastes. For outdoor enthusiasts, San Cassiano serves as an ideal starting point for extensive hikes, offering a variety of options, from family friendly leisurely hikes to more challenging treks.

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Located at a peaceful height of 1,324 metres, Badia is a calm village that has kept its rural charm intact. The well-maintained farmhouses, the Ladin "Viles", showcase the traditional Alpine building style. Uphill from Badia, a beloved photographic spot awaits: the pilgrimage church of La Crusc (the Holy Cross), situated at the foot of a mountain with which it shares the same name. As with the other villages in Alta Badia, Badia warmly welcomes visitors with a wide array of hospitable accommodations to cater to diverse needs, preferences and budgets. Badia is a popular destination for both relaxing and active family vacations, with a beautiful landscape perfect for exploring and creating lasting memories!

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La Val

At an altitude of 1,348 metres, La Val is the pinnacle of Alpine beauty. Dolomites peaks, lovingly tended mountain pastures and traditional farmsteads called "Viles" in the local Ladin language, form the stunning backdrop to a cultural landscape that is as varied as it is natural. In summer, the entire area is transformed into a botanical garden, with dense forests and mountain flowers all over the place. If you tread carefully when hiking, you will see numerous natural gems up close. In 2015, La Val became the first certified hiking destination in South Tyrol, making it a pioneering European hiking village.

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