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The skipass for the whole family

3+paying members

10+ Days of skiing


How about a family-friendly Dolomiti Superski skipass tailored for your family?
The Superski Family skipass is available for the 2023/24 winter season!

Skipass valid throughout the Dolomiti Superski area for the entire winter season, which contains a number of ski days per person that family members associated with them through their My Dolomiti Card can use when issued.

The Superski Family guarantees great flexibility for the whole family, because the days can be used as desired and flexibly by the members of the family, according to their own preferences.


Family first

How it works

The family combination consisting of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 paying members and can charge a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 20 ski days per person, with the ski days being enjoyed by the associated family members as they wish, in accordance with their own needs.

The Superski Family combination solution does not distinguish between the categories of adults, seniors and juniors, while children born 2016-2020 who are part of the Superski Family combination receive the Dolomiti Superski season pass free of charge, provided that one parent buys the ski pass as part of the combination solution.

For example: a family of four with one parent and/or partner, daughter and her grandma buy 40 ski days together (10 per person). The sportier parent goes every weekend and spends 16 ski days. The partner spends 6 days on the slopes, while grandma skis four days. The young daughter loves the snow and goes skiing as often as she can, and comes to 14 skiing days. In total, 40 ski days were consumed.

The family members can consume the skiing days independently of each other, as each member receives his or her own My Dolomiti Ski card, with the available skiing days being deducted from each ski pass on first access.

Frequently asked questions

A family group consists of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 paying members and must include at least one parent and one of their children. The group must be composed exclusively of parents, their partner/cohabitant (if cohabiting or married), their children and the grandparents of the latter.
Members must have a first degree of relationship. Uncles, nephews, brothers-in-law, daughters-in-law, partners or cohabitants of children, etc. are excluded from the family group. 

The members of a family group are associated directly at the time of purchase of the Superski Family, the subsequent modification and / or addition of members is not permitted. 

A son/daughter (born 2016-2020) is entitled to a free Dolomiti Superski season skipass which is valid for the current season on the simultaneous purchase of a Superski Family skipass by the relative parent. If both parents are included in the Superski Family combination, all children (born 2016-2020) are entitled to a free Dolomiti Superski season skipass valid for the current season. These free skipass are not part of the family group and consequently the corresponding ski days will not be discounted. 

In order to receive the free Dolomiti Superski season ski pass, one of the parents must be the head of the family group.

For the initial activation of a Superski Family combination, the presence of the sole head of the family together with sufficient original documentation and original photo of all family members is required. The relationship of 1st degree (grandparents-parents-children) as well as the marriage relationship or the cohabitation of the parents must be proven with certified original documents of the public administration (e.g. family certificate or birth certificate). The self-declaration, not clear or not verifiable family compositions will not be accepted.

In case of renewal of the Superski Family skipass with the same composition or change in the group composition compared to the previous winter season, it is sufficient taht a member of the family group present himself in person together with all My Dolomiti Cards relating to the family group at a central issuing office.

The purchase of a new skipass combination of the type Superski Family can be made exclusively in the central issuing offices in the presence of the sole head of the family, together with sufficient original documentation as of 10/11/2023.

The ski passes of the Superski Family type do not entitle to the 5 days of validity in the ski areas Skirama Dolomiti Adamello-Brenta, Brentonicoski, Lagorai/Passo Brocon and Panarotta. However, the free season ski passes of the children born 2016-2020 include the 5 days of validity in the ski areas Skirama Dolomiti Adamello-Brenta, Brentonicoski, Lagorai/Passo Brocon and Panarotta.

Ski passes purchased with the Superski Family formula are strictly personal. They are issued with the name and photo of the holder. They may neither be passed on to third parties nor exchanged within the family group or altered. 

The Superski Family ski pass can also be used for night skiing.

If it has already been used on that day, a further ski day will not be deducted, but if it is used for the first time on that day, a ski day will be deducted.

In the event of abuse (use of Superski Family ski passes by persons not included in the family group), the member's skipass will be confiscated and 10 (ten) ski days will be deducted from the amount of ski days still available at the time of the investigation.
Any abuse will be prosecuted in accordance with the law, subject to the right to bring or initiate any useful action to ascertain the criminal (e.g. for fraud - art. 640 of the criminal code) and civil liability of the offender.

In case of reactivation of a combination already active in the 2022/23 season which remains unchanged, the presence of one of the group members together with all My Dolomiti Cards and an identity card at one of the main points of sale is required.  

To add a new member or when changing from a child to a junior, one must go to a main sales point to add the new member to the family composition upon presentation of a valid ID. The available days will then be used by all members of the household. Any top-ups will be calculated based on the purchase price. 

The overview of the remaining credit of the ski days is available in the personal area of "My Dolomiti", on the first use of each day at the lift gates or at the ski pass sales points.

Once the credit has been used up, it can be topped up once more within the same season with 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 ski days.

When purchasing the Superski Family ski pass, a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 ski days can be purchased for each member of the family group. (e.g. with 3 persons 30-40-50-60 days, with 4 persons 40-50-60-70-80 days).

In the event of loss of a Superski Family skipass, it is necessary to contact a sales point for a replacement skipass. The replacement card will cost €15.00.

Holders of the 2019/20 Superski Family ski pass who have not used up the number of days they have purchased may use the days still available from the 2019/20 season by purchasing a new Superski Family package for the 2023/24 winter season. The 2019/20 days will be added to the package and will in any case be considered as additional days and will not count towards the minimum number of days to be purchased for the Superski Family ski pass for the 2023/24 season. All family members who hold a Superski Family ski pass for 2019/20, even those whose composition has changed, are eligible for the discount.

The validity of the ski days thus available will be limited to the 2023/24 winter season.

All My Dolomiti Cards of the family combination together with the documentation normally required for this type of ski pass must be shown at the central issuing office.

In the event that the family combination should change, the unused days will be given to the first member of the 2019/20 family group who presents him/herself at the ticket office in the 2023/24 season. Days may not be divided among several households.

All ski passes issued as part of the family group are valid in the entire Dolomiti Superski area and can be used within the entire ski season until the closure of the last lift in the Dolomiti Superski area on 1 May 2024. The ski days remaining at the end of the season are not refundable and cannot be used in the following winter season.

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