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Also in winter season 2021/22 Dolomiti Superski repeats the popular ski pass combination "Superski Family". As the name suggests, the main focus is the family. The new skipass guarantees maximum flexibility in terms of family size, number of days of skiing and available budget. The overall selection of ski passes from Dolomiti Superski will therefore be enriched with a solution and underline once again the customer orientation of the ski pass network of the Dolomites.

Family first

What it is about

Families consisting of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 members over the age of 8 (born before 27/11/2013) can combine their My Dolomiti Cards with the new formula "Superski Family", charging a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 20 ski days per person. Parents and/or partners, children and grandparents can combine their personal Dolomiti Superski skipass and top up at a special rate a suitable number of ski day, according to the family's skiing needs. These ski days can be enjoyed flexibly and without limits throughout the winter season by the family members.

For example: a family of four with parent, partner, daughter and grandma buy 40 ski days (10 per person). The sporty parent goes every weekend and comes up with 16 ski days. The partner spends 6 days on the ski slopes, while grandma spends 4 days skiing. The young daughter loves the snow and skiing and goes as often as she can and comes up with 14 days of skiing. In total, 40 days of skiing were consumed.

Each member of a family group will get a personal skipass and for each day of use of a card belonging to the family group a ski day will be reduced from the total purchased amount.

Children under the age of 8 belonging to the "Superski Family" will receive the Dolomiti Superski season ticket free of charge, if a parent is as part of the combined solution. However, the "Superski Family" combined solution does not differentiate between adult, senior and junior categories. 

Guarantee: the validity of all ski days available in the package will be extended to the coming two consecutive winter seasons, 2021/22 and 2022/232, without the need for renewal/repurchase or reactivation.

All days used up?

Once the ski days are used up and you want to ski more you can simply top up your Superski Family skipass by 10, 15, 20, 25 o 30 days.

The remaining ski days can be checked on the display of the new ski pass gates at the lifts at the first entry of the day, at the central ticket sale points or online in the My Dolomiti area.

In case of renewal of a Superski Family combination in the same composition as already activated in the previous winter season, it is possible to recharge the ski passes on our website in the personal area MyDolomiti. The remaining days of the winter season 2019/20 will not be added


Frequently asked questions

A family group can be composed of at least 3 and a maximum 8 members over the age of 8 (born before 27/11/2013). Parents, their children and the grandparents can be part of the group. Uncles, grandchildren, brothers-in-law, daughters-in-law, etc. cannot be part of a family group. The family group has to consist of at least one parent and one of his/her children (born before 27/11/2013). All people will be associated at the moment of purchase, the subsequent modification and / or addition of members is not permitted. The Superski Family ski ticked is personal, therefore every member of a Superski Family formula gets his/her ski pass.

Children under 8 years (born after 27/11/2013) get a Dolomiti Superski seasonal ski pass for free, valid for the current season, if the relative parent purchases a Superski Family ski pass contemporaneously. If the head of the family’s spouse (or alternatively his/her partner in life) is also a member of the family group, all their less than 8 years old children (born after 27/11/2013) are entitled to obtain a free Dolomiti Superski ski pass valid for the entire season. These free ski passes are not part of the family group ski passes and therefor the related ski days will not be considered/deducted.

The family relationships (grandparents-parents-children), the marriage or cohabitation must be proved by original certificates from public authorities (i.e. family status certifications, birth certificate, ID’s, etc.). Self-certification, unclear or unverifiable family compositions are not accepted.

WARNING: In case of renewal of a Superski Family combination in the same composition, as already activated in the previous winter season, the head of the family is requested to make sure that all the necessary documentation is available at the time of purchase to prove identity and family relationship, spouse or cohabitation; in fact, without this documentation the Dolomiti Superski Family Combination will not be issued.

From 10 to 20 ski days can be purchased for each member of the family group, which can be used indiscriminately by any family group member. Once the ski days are consumed, the number of ski days may be recharged only once for each combination at one of our points of sale. The recharge is possible with a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 30 ski days in pieces of 5.

Each new combination of Superski Family ski passes, can be issued exclusively in the central sales offices. All members of the family group have to be present at the sales office contemporaneously, to achieve the picture combined with each ski pass. In case of renewal of a Superski Family combination in the same composition, as already activated in the previous winter season, it suffices to present all the Superski Family ski cards referred to the same family unit at a central point of sale. Additionally, the ski passes can be activated directly from our website from the 25/11/2021 on. The eventual addition of a new family member to a combination of Superski Family ski passes already issued during the previous winter season, has to be done exclusively at the moment of the first renewal of the combination, with the physical presence of the new member at the issuing office, together with all the Superski Family ski passes related to the family group to be renewed and a personal identification which confirms the relationship to the family group.

Holders of a Superski Family ticket who could not use the entire number of purchased days in winter season 2019/2020, will be able to use these days in winter season 2021/2022, by purchasing a Superski Family ticket for the season 2021/2022. As a supplementary rebalancing measure, the validity of all ski days available in the package will be extended to the coming two consecutive winter seasons, so for 2021/22 and 2022/23.

Ski passes issued with the Superski Family formula are strictly personal, issued with name and photo of the owner saved also in the system. Therefore they cannot be transferred to third parties, even if free of charge nor exchanged within the family group.

If Superski Family ski passes are used by a different person than its holder, 10 ski days will be diminished from the total amount of ski days available at the moment of the abuse’s ascertaining. In case of misuse of free passes granted to children under 8 years of age (born after 27/11/2013), the pass will be blocked or withdrawn. Any abuse will be prosecuted according to law and through any legal action or proceeding deemed necessary or proper for ascertaining the offender’s criminal (e.g. for fraud – art. 640 of the Italian Penal Code) and civil liability.

Ski passes issued with the Superski Family formula do not include 5 skiing days in the ski area Adamello Brenta, Brentonicoski, Lagorai/Passo Brocon, and Panarotta while the free seasonal ski passes granted to children under the age of 8 include the 5 days of validity.

Gli skipass emessi con formula Superski Family sono strettamente personali, emessi con indicazione del nome del titolare e foto di quest’ultimo salvata a sistema. Pertanto non possono essere ceduti a terzi neppure a titolo gratuito, né scambiato all’interno del gruppo famiglia o alterati.

In caso di abuso (utilizzo da parte di persone non incluse nel gruppo familiare) verranno decurtate 10 (dieci) giornate sci per singolo caso di abuso dall’ammontare delle giornate sci ancora disponibile al momento dell’accertamento. Ogni abuso verrà perseguito a norma di legge, con riserva di proporre o avviare ogni azione utile a far accertare la responsabilità penale (p. es. per truffa – art. 640 c.p.) e civile del trasgressore.

Gli skipass emessi con formula Superski Family non danno diritto alle 5 giornate di validità nelle località dei comprensori Skirama Dolomiti Adamello-Brenta, Brentonicoski, Lagorai/Passo Brocon e Panarotta. Gli stagionali gratuiti concessi ai bambini di età inferiore agli 8 anni invece contemplano le 5 giornate di validità.

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