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An overview of all answers related to online purchasing

NEW - Possibility of modifying your online purchase

Here you will find all information on the changeability of ski passes purchased online
  • It is possible to change day and multi-day skipasses no later than the day before the start of validity but not season ski passes, value point cards, Superski Family or Superdays
  • Changes of skipasses with promotional voucher can only be made at a physical sales point, presenting the voucher issued by the accommodation facility and already used for the online purchase.
  • Only orders placed online can be modified online. It is also possible to modify online purchases at the point of sale.
  • The replaced ski pass cannot be replaced previously.
  • In the case of changes to ski passes that have already been replaced, secretarial fees accumulate for each replacement.


Instructions to change your online purchase:

1. Accessing the online shop
Log in with your profile in the personal section. If you do not yet have your own account , you will need to register and create your own profile.

2. Enter the "ORDER REPLACEMENT" section 
Enter the Voucher number of the order you wish to replace

3. Modify your online purchase according to your needs

Modify nowModify now

Frequently asked questions about online skipass purchase

  • The principle of replacement involves the complete cancellation of the previous order and the issuing of a new order that also includes tickets that have not been changed but are still part of the replaced order (previously issued ski passes will no longer be valid).
  • The re-crediting time of the previous order depends exclusively on the banking systems. Dolomiti Superski carries out the reversal at the same time as the new purchase. In the event that the bank reversal procedure should reject the transaction, it is possible to contact customer service directly to resolve the problem. However, Dolomiti Superski cannot accelerate the bank time for the return of the amount refunded.

The contribution per replaced ski pass is €15.00. If an order with two ski passes is replaced, but only one of them is changed, the contribution is limited to the replacement ski pass.

The type of person (e.g. adult, junior, senior) cannot be changed, with the exception of gender.
For example, an adult male ski pass can be converted into an adult female ski pass, but an adult cannot be converted into a junior and vice versa. However, it is possible to insert a junior-baby or senior ski pass in place of an adult ski pass without taking advantage of the reduced rate.

A ski pass from a particular valley can only be exchanged for a ski pass from the same valley or Dolomiti Superski. Similarly, a Dolomiti Superski ski pass can only be exchanged for another Dolomiti Superski ski pass.

Replacement ski passes must have a duration greater than or equal to the replaced ski pass.
Fixed-date ski passes may only be exchanged until the day before the start of validity.

In the event of (always if the skipass has not yet been used):

  • Wrong start date of validity but number of days unchanged: you can request an exchange of the skipass at the point of sale. You will no longer be entitled to the 5% discount obtained for the online purchase and will have to pay the price difference. In addition, a 10.00 Euro processing fee will be charged.
  • Wrong number of days (e.g. 5-day ski pass instead of 6-day): You cannot request a change of skipass
  • Are you unable to ski during the validity of the purchased skipass? You have the opportunity to use your skipass in a different period (within the 2022/2023 winter season): request the skipass exchange at the point of sale on arrival of the different period. In addition, a 10.00 Euro processing fee will be charged.


Inform the wrong accommodation and then forward the voucher received by email together with the confirmation email to the correct accommodation facility and your accommodation facility will collect the skipass for you.


Remember to collect your ski pass at the pick-up box

Pick-up boxes are automated stations open 24/7. 

Buying your ticket and collecting your skipass at the pick-up box is easy:

  1.  Purchase your skipass online or via the app (download Dolomiti Superski app)
  2. Scan the QR code received by email in the voucher
  3. Collect your skipass from a pick-up box of your choice without having to book the pick-up
  4. Go directly to the lift. Have fun!
Remember to collect your ski pass at the pick-up box

8. – Online purchase.

For some types of skipasses price reductions for online purchase are applied under certain conditions, which are available on the website

Dolomiti Superski and the Valley consortia do not assume any guarantee regarding the uninterrupted functioning of the online shop. These reductions do not apply under any circumstances in case of purchase at the physical cash desks, not even in the case of malfunctioning of the website and the online shop.

With the first online purchase, from the winter season 2023/24 onwards, a rechargeable card (My Dolomiti Card) containing the holder's personal data will be handed over to the user at the skipass pick-up, only if he/she is not already in possession of such a card. On subsequent purchases made within the following 5 years, any discounts that may be provided if the conditions are met, will be fully applied only if the already handed over MyDolomitiCard is recharged. On the other hand, the discount will be reduced, to the extent indicated on the website, if the user at the time of the online purchase does not use its My Dolomiti Card, thus determining the need to issue a new card. With each purchase the five-year period mentioned above begins to run again.

Even if the skipass or a points value card is purchased prior to the start of the period of validity, art. 9 applies, according to which the purchase price is never refundable, not even, by way of example, in the event of non-use or only partial use of the skipass or points value card, cancelled holidays, unforeseen commitments, illness, etc.

Online purchased skipasses are valid in the winter season of issue only.

Within the day before the  start of the validity period of the purchased skipasses, as an exception to the principle of non-modifiability of the purchased skipasses, holders can make certain changes directly  on the online shop to specific characteristics of daily, intra-day and multi-day skipasses with consecutive ski days only, excluding those skipasses that have benefited from promotional initiatives linked to the simultaneous booking of an accommodation (such as, for example, Dolomiti Superpremière and Dolomiti Springdays). In particular, holders will only be allowed to:

(a) change the start date of the validity period;

(b) extend the period of validity;

(c) switch from the purchased valley skipass to a Dolomiti Superski skipass (not vice versa);

(d) replace the holder of the skipass, provided that the relevant category (adult, junior, child, senior) is not changed.

The change is made by cancellation of all skipasses purchased within the same transaction, which will be fully annulled and the price fully re-credited in the same manner as the first purchase within the timeframe provided by the respective payment channel. At the same time, new substitute skipasses will be issued, charged with the corresponding price: in particular, for those skipasses that may not have been modified, the price will be the one originally charged; on the other hand, for modified skipasses, the list price will be charged, with possible discounts if the conditions at the time of the modification are met, together with office and administration fees amounting to Euro 15.00 (fifteen/00) for each modified skipass.

The purchase of the skipass is not subject to the right of withdrawal provided by Consumer Protection Law (art. 47 and 59 legislative decree 206/2005).