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Funslope Selva

Funslope Selva – The Rapid Snow Adventure at the Sella Ronda

Excitement, fun and action on the slope: That’s the promise of the new Funslope at the Sella Ronda in Selva in Val Gardena. Many funny sounds meet with challenging fun elements in the snow. For kids and adults, for skiers and snowboarders, for the happiest faces of winter enthusiasts. Welcome to the Funslope Selva!

The famous camel humps of the Men’s Downhill in the valley of Val Gardena has got a competitor, because in at Selva sharp banked turns, snappy waves and rapid jumps are taking over. The two T-bar lifts “Risaccia I” and “Risaccia II” will bring you to the start of the brand-new Funslope Selva – the most popular detour at the Sella Ronda in this winter!

Want to take a short ride? Slide over the speedboost and get the pace you need for your fun ride. Now, we are ready to rush into the steep turns with vim and vigor, before arriving at the next highlight: the fun twister. Through its spiral shape, we exit through the tunnel and rush over the humpy waves. With a clean line, we can give the cushioned hand a high five. Missed it? Try it again during the next ride. At the last jump, we take all the courage we have left and get cheered by Slopy, the Funslope inhabitant. Or maybe he will share one of his cheeky jokes with you, who knows!

This winter is going to be more thrilling, more varied and more exciting than ever before. We are looking forward to your detour to the Funslope Selva at the ski lifts “Risaccia” at the Sella Ronda!


Family Fun
Family Fun
Risaccia 1
500 m
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