Safe skiing in the Dolomites



Laws about safety on the slopes

Liability insurance covering damages to third parties

As of 1 January 2022, everyone making use of ski resorts in Italy must hold liability insurance which covers damages to third parties. Common liability insurance policies, such as those for families, already cover “winter sports” generally; however, we recommend you confirm with your insurer that coverage meets criteria under Italian law. Liability insurance isn’t included in the cost of your skipass. You can buy single-day coverage online.



As of 1 January 2022, helmets are mandatory for under-18s on the slopes for all winter sports including skiing, snowboarding, telemark, freestyle, and tobogganing. Adults are strongly recommended to wear a helmet.



As of 1 January 2022, the rules regarding alcohol are the same for driving and skiing. The blood alcohol content limit for skiers is 0.5‰ BAC. Skiing while under the influence of drugs is also prohibited. 

FIS rules


All skiers and snowboarders must not act in a way that endangers or causes damage to others.

All skiers and snowboarders must ensure their speed and way of skiing/snowboarding is appropriate for their level of skill and the ground, snow, and weather conditions as well as how busy the slope is.

Skiers and snowboarders in front of you take priority. If you’re coming up behind someone you must keep a safe distance from the person in front.

You can overtake on the left or the right, but you must keep a safe distance which leaves enough room for any deliberate or accidental manoeuvres done by the person you are overtaking.

All skiers and snowboarders crossing a slope or training area must ensure they can do so without endangering themselves and others. They must also do so before stopping.

Skiers and snowboarders must not stop on the middle of the slope or in narrow or hidden areas.

All skiers and snowboarders walking to the top of a slope must stick to the edges of the slope.

All skiers and snowboarders must obey signage and markings on the slopes.

Everyone must help should an accident take place. We all have a moral obligation to help others.

All skiers and snowboarders involved in an accident on the slope, either as a witness or party involved in the accident, whether responsible for the accident or not, must provide their personal information.

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