Val Di Fassa

Huts in Val di Fassa

Have you ever considered spending a night in a hut?

Accommodation A vacation different than usual
A vacation different than usual

Many are the huts and chalets open in Val di Fassa during the winter, nearby the ski slopes, that you can stop by in between rides. You can also spend the night in some of them. Sleeping in a hut at 2,000 meters, beneath a starry sky, surrounded by the silent nature and the Dolomites, is an experience reserved for real mountain men and women: simple hospitality, homely yet genuine, the taste of dishes cooked the old-fashioned way, histories told by the fireplace. High-altitude huts are joined by the ones in the side valleys, which you can reach on foot, with a snowmobile or on the snowcat, the alpine dairies and the farmhouses, where you can refuel with some mountain products.

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A phone call to the hut to book dinner and set time and place of the rendezvous. An ascent with the snowmobile or on foot ‘till the hut, a typical dinner, a little bit of music, some laughter with your friends and then ready for the night descent with the sleigh. This is going to be an emotion that you will hardly forget; the descents are pretty easy, you only have to hold on to the sleigh, balance your weight when cornering and brake with your feet at the right moment.

Open huts in winter Open huts in winter