Carezza alpine inn & restaurant guide

Gourmet dining with a panoramic view

You just can't get enough of that amazingly beautiful Carezza view. Especially when simultaneously enjoying the hospitality of the many alpine inns and restaurants located here.

The alpine world between the fabulous "Rose Garden" and the breathtaking Latemar is generally bathed in sparkling sunshine. Here in Carezza, skiers admire the impressive vista while speeding down the slopes under the watchful eye of the majestic Dolomites. The ski lodges and restaurants dotting the landscape also represent a convenient chance for them to pause and refresh themselves. But besides offering winter sportsmen a rest-stop during or after a fun-filled day on the slopes, they also provide a splendid opportunity for visitors to undertake many a fascinating culinary journey. We can give you insider tips on where to find the most-beautiful spots and recommendations on the most-interesting dining venues. The friendly hosts can sometimes be persuaded to share their kitchen secrets and favorite recipes with you. Thus, once you're back home from your carefree holiday in the Eggen Valley, you can try replicating the culinary experiences you've had here.

Gourmet dining with a panoramic view

1. The Franzin Alm

From a distance, the Franzin Alm offers an impressive view. This unspoilt alpine meadow landscape blends seamlessly into the alpine scenery, while the majestic "Rose Garden" towers above. But we heartily recommend that you also come a little closer to experience it first hand. A variety of gourmet pleasures await you at this architectually noteworthy restaurant – which opened its doors in late 2021. Your hosts Thobias Pardeller and his wife Judith Lunger have done their utmost to make the Franzin Alm one of the top addresses in Carezza – with high-quality, fresh, and regional culinary specialties in combination with a modern yet cozy atmosphere. The food service concept of the Franzin Alm – which is situated in the heart of the Carezza ski area but, nestled between the Karer Pass and the Niger Pass, is still conveniently reached by car – features three levels: There's an outside snackbar for quick drinks, sausages, or burgers. In the self-serve area, the kitchen team offers freshly prepared dishes without long waiting times. And in the restaurant area, which seats 28 guests, Thobias Pardeller and his kitchen staff create a variety of superb dishes blending ingredients reflecting the unique heritage of the Eggen Valley, making use of local game meats, beef, and regional vegetables. As Thobias likes to say, "Wholesome products lead to tasty results." In addition to all that, the sun terrace of the Franzin Alm is a magnet for visitors wishing to enjoy an aperitif while soaking up the sunshine and gazing in awe at the stunning panorama – sometimes to the lilting music of a live band. In any case, Judith and Thobias love the landscape, the lifestyle, and the atmosphere – and their guests know that they really mean it when they proudly proclaim, "This is a blessed place."

"Wholesome products lead to tasty results."

2. The Antermont

Up on the Karer Pass, skiers find a cornucopia of splendid choices: On one side, there are the ski slopes beneath the "Rose Garden." On the other side, there's the Pra-di-Tori Piste at the foot of the Latemar – which many insiders prize because of the Antermont Umbrella Bar, one of the favorite meeting places to relax at after a long day of fun on the slopes. But there's also an embarrassment of culinary choices here. Daniel Kompatscher and his family are known for their hospitality and for a bill of fare featuring a wide range of regularly changing culinary treats. The pizzas available at the Antermont have an excellent reputation, and are the perfect option for a quick but hearty lunch in the sunshine before returning to the slopes. But starting in February, when the sun drenches the Antermont terrace till late in the afternoon, skiers may be tempted to prolong their stay, since the view of the landscape between the "Rose Garden" and the Latemar is so impressive. And that's exactly why so many skiers like to stop by, relax, and hang out with Veneziano & Co. on the Antermont terrace. The location of the Antermont is virtually ideal. Not only due to the breathtaking vista, but also because the restaurant is just as easy to reach from the Karer Pass Road by car or bus as it is by ski from the slopes. By 6 p.m., the restaurant activities at the Antermont shift to the indoors – where not only hotel guests (who can choose from among eight rooms for their stay) appreciate the direct access to the slopes. Diners can opt for the cozy parlor / sitting room, or take their seats in the only recently opened and modern winter garden. In any case, they should be ready to partake in a sublime culinary experience. The reputation of the two barbecue huts on the outside premises precedes them. Between six and twelve persons can reserve a hut and themselves charcoal-barbecue the delicious fresh dishes which the Antermont kitchen team has prepared for them. And one final word on "insider knowledge:" If you need a little cooling-off after a barbecue, you've got to try Antermont's homemade ice cream. It's a heavenly taste-treat, not only in the summertime!

3. The Hennenstall

Anyone who chats with the Eggen Valley locals about the Hennenstall is sure to hear many an unforgettable tale. In the "olden days," the ski area of the "Rose Garden" had a very different look and feel. But even back then, the Hennenstall was considered the après-ski meeting place par excellence. Today, the Hennenstall still boasts that unmistakeable atmosphere, and its popularity among locals is unbroken. Bernd and Hermann Mick have made the Hennenstall into one of the most-loved spots for cozy lunches and hearty dinners in Carezza. It's situated directly at the Hubertus Slope, which leads from the Karer Pass to the valley station of the Paolina Lift. The sun-drenched terrace is an inviting venue to interrupt your skiing day for a quick rest and a snack. And while outdoors the awe-inspiring view of the mighty Latemar draws all the attention to itself, widely-praised barbecued treats are being prepared inside on the Hennenstall's open wood-charcoal grill. With attention and professionalism, Junior Boss Bernd barbecues wholesome meats derived from responsibly-raised regional livestock– from simply hot dogs to exquisite dry-aged Fiorentina. The Hennenstall is famed for its meat dishes, but its pizzas also deserve special mention. They're made with a portion of hemp dough, and are thus especially light and palatable – a fact that more and more guests are coming to appreciate. Because the Hennenstall is not only located directly at the ski slopes, but is also easily reached by car, it has lost absolutely none of its legendary atmosphere. The Mick Family enjoys great renown for the hospitality of their establishment. Even in the evening, when the ski lifts have long since been shut down for the day, the restaurant is a popular and busy venue – regardless of whether you want to enjoy a sumptuous feast, or just sip a glass of wine or beer at the bar and soak up the charming ambience.

3. The Hennenstall

4. The Masaré Hut

"Awe-inspiring, isn't it?" For Klaus Zöggeler, that's a purely rhetorical question. He assumed management of the Masaré Hut – situated at the foot of the legendary "Rose Garden" – in May of 2022 and seems to be grateful for every day he can live and work here. The scenary is picture-perfect. An azure sky, stunning panorama, smiling faces, cheerful music, refreshing drinks – and, especially, good food. "We use meat and other products from our own farmstead in Völser Aicha," says Klaus, who has acquired quite a bit of fame not only among locals and hikers, due in large part to his many years as host of the Haniger Schwaige. Breaded meats, goulash, bacon and eggs, and – on the weekend – steaks or pork chops, too, are all to be found on the bill of fare of the Masaré Hut. And such mouthwatering South Tyrolean classics as dumplings or "Kaiserschmarrn" (a delicious pancake dish) have likewise contributed to his reputation. Of course, practically every meal is accompanied by a schnaps – and by consistently friendly service. The Masaré Hut can be reached both from the mountain station and the valley station of the Paolina Lift. On Wednesdays, if the weather permits, live music can be enjoyed on the spacious terrace. Klaus Zöggeler's commitment to and, indeed, passion for hospitality is evident in every aspect of the experience here. And when he relaxes for a moment and gazes over towards the awe-inspiring "Rose Garden," he observes, "The scenery here is incredible. It's impossible not to be deeply moved by it."

"Awe-inspiring, isn't it?"

5. The Laurins Lounge

First-time visitors to the Laurins Lounge are always amazed. The ascent with the new tram cableway to South Tyrol's highest panorama lounge is spectacular in itself, especially when, upon arrival, the tram is seemingly "swallowed whole" by the mountain. And above everything lies the enormous panorama terrace of the Laurins Lounge. From there – with the "Rose Garden" to your back – the gigantic vista of the pristine Eggen Valley opens up before you. Reini Hinteregger took over the mountain restaurant in the summer of 2021. Besides quality, regional and sustainable sourcing are writ large here. "Especially here in the mountains, it is important to protect nature," observes Reini. Guests are invited to enjoy the splendid atmosphere of the Laurins Lounge by placing a reservation for the daily brunch (starting at 9:30 a.m.), for the lunch (with high-quality dishes prepared with care and attention by Reini's kitchen team), or – last but not least – for the "sundowner" while relaxing on a lounge chair with a glass of Apérol or South Tyrolean wine. From the Laurins Lounge, guests can admire the magical display of color towards evening, when the "Rose Garden" is bathed in a dazzling pink glow. It's a marvelous experience. And as Reini remarks, "The atmosphere here at the Laurins Lounge is without compare."

5. The Laurins Lounge

6. The Messnerjoch Hut

When the evening sky is streaked with crimson, the snow-covered slopes reflect this warm light, and the "Rose Garden" is all a-glow, that's when Edith Rauchegger especially appreciates the special nature of this place: "The evening twilight here is stunning!" Here at the Messnerjoch, at an elevation of 1,930 meters above sea-level, the view is impressive, the mood cheerful, and the dining delicious. Edith and her team prepare savory dishes like dumplings or ever-popular "Schlutzkrapfen" (Tyrolean raviolis) as well as tempting desserts like strudel and "Kaiserschmarrn" (a sweet pancake dish). And the homemade cakes and pies which Edith's mother-in-law whips up are simply heavenly. Many of the ingredients for these taste-treats come from their own farm in the village of Tiers. This underscores Edith's commitment to not only quality and regionality, but also to sustainability. At the Messnerjoch Hut – which underwent reconstruction in 2011 – these aren't just slogans. Rather, you can see it everywhere you look. The building is constructed of wood and insulating using packed wood shavings. It is heated by a wood chip-fuelled furnace – and everything comes from the woods surrounding the family's farmstead in Tiers. Now, with the installation of the new tram cableway, all of the skiers in Carezza can admire and enjoy these features. And whoever finds the steepest slopes too challenging can simply disembard at the midway station and take the level connection to the Messnerjoch. There is thus no longer the slightest obstacle to enjoying a "Sundowner" at the Messnerjoch Hut. Thank heavens! Because there are more than enough reasons to celebrate the close of yet another fabulous day of fun on the slopes here at the hut.