Alta Badia

The taste of winter

Winter in Alta Badia has the delicious taste of snow and freedom

Gourmet Winter in Alta Badia: holidays for connoisseurs
Winter in Alta Badia: holidays for connoisseurs

Alta Badia is widely known as the Dolomites’ valley where you can enjoy the precious moments of pleasure in the mountains. And indeed, in Alta Badia, good food accompanied by a good glass of wine and a relaxed and serene lifestyle have always been at home.

To us, eating well has many facets. It can be the cosy mountain huts, the traditional cuisine in the farmhouses as well as the elegant settings of the gourmet restaurants.
What we all agree on, however, is the passion and love for good food, outdoor sports, our culture and age-old traditions.

And then there is the desire for freedom to live day by day here in our mountains.

Alta Badia offers a wide choice of precious moments of pleasure to be experienced amidst the nature of the Dolomites.

Rooted food

Rooted food

For the gastronomists of Alta Badia, food is much more than mere nourishment. In every dish there is research, selection of ingredients and careful preparation. And there is tradition and also ethics. Cooking is an act of love because good food is much more than just nourishment, it is also a sense of community and cohesion.

Restaurants and mountain huts Restaurants and mountain huts

A taste for skiing

With the initiative A taste for skiing, the pleasure of skiing meets the creations of charismatic and innovative chefs, promoters of an ethical and sustainable cuisine.

The young chefs, who create a recipe for a partner mountain hut in Alta Badia, will bring their creativity and philosophy of life to the slopes. They will use Italian excellence in their recipes and tjey all will pay the utmost attention to reducing food waste in the preparation of the dishes. A small contribution to the protection of our planet.

The participating chefs and mountain hutsThe participating chefs and mountain huts

A taste for skiing is one of the initiatives that have helped to position Alta Badia as a place that offers a wealth of valuable experiences on the mountain.