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Ferrero’s enlightened philosophy

A strong sense of ethics, respect for nature and mankind, select ingredients, and a “green” shift.

Since the launch of its Ferrero Rocher, Kinder chocolate, and Nutella – the most iconic spread in the world – Ferrero has gradually become a household name. It has gone on to produce biscuits, icecream and its most daring product yet: chocolate bars. Ferrero is a historic Italian confectioner but is also one of the largest confectionery companies in the world. Its present position is the result of numerous acquisitions and its enlightened and sustainable corporate vision. The company is based in Piedmont and aims to integrate green values in its everyday work.


Ferrero has been publishing its yearly Sustainability Report since 2008. Sustainability is just as important to the company as its turnover. Had the company not created its shuttle system and valued the Langhe hazelnut plantations and landscape, the area wouldn’t have become a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its corporate philosophy is underscored by unflinching ethics, a proactive attitude, respecting the environment and people, choosing the best ingredients, and food safety at all costs. Pietro Ferrero founded the company in 1946, his son Michele used to say

“A proactive approach and the company’s love for nature is the purest form of respect for consumers”.

Michele Ferrero

So much so the company even removes its chocolate products from supermarkets at the start of summer so they don’t melt. That would cause an uproar among its loyal clients, it would disappoint “la signora Valeria”! That’s what Michele called his ideal customer avatar: Valeria, who represented the average Italian housewife. Without fail Michele would taste a product before giving it the green light. And he’d have his employees do the same. He’d put himself in the shoes of Valeria, someone who, in the past, would have been in charge of picking Ferrero’s products during the grocery run. Valeria could never be let down. Lose her trust and she’d never come back. While times may have changed, client loyalty is still at the heart of Ferrero’s success to this very day.