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10 rules for safe mountain biking

  1. A correct self-assessment
    Before starting a tour, the degree of difficulty of the route should already be assessed when choosing the route, including an objective assessment of one's own abilities.
  2. Priority to pedestrians, always
    Hikers and pedestrians always have priority. If you meet them on the trails, warn them of your presence, greet them and pass slowly.
  3. Wear the right helmet
  4. Don't forget protection
  5. What if the weather changes?
    You need a technical jacket
  6. The indispensable sets
    Always carry a tyre repair set and a first aid kit in your bike rucksack.
  7. Impeccable bike
    Having your mountain bike checked regularly is essential to avoid breakdowns or, worse, crashes due to boring breakdowns or malfunctions
  8. Follow the marked routes and don't ride down the meadows
    Always stay with your bike within the marked routes and respect traffic restrictions and prohibitions.
  9. Noise and nature
    Respect nature and grazing and wild animals and avoid unnecessary noise. Contribute to the upkeep of the tracks and avoid soil erosion by not blocking wheels when drifting. Don't abandon rubbish, but take it home with you.
  10. Don't ride if you are tired
    Never ride if you are tired or returning from another sporting activity. Mountain biking is an exhausting sport, not only isically, but also in terms of relaxation and attention. Always have the focus on what you are doing is very important.