Clothing collection

Dolomiti Superski & RE-BELLO

Two companies that are on the same wavelength. Dolomiti Superski has always focused on advanced lift technologies, snowmaking systems and customer services. In addition, the sustainable and responsible approach is increasingly in focus, with an emphasis on resources and technologies that are as environmentally friendly as possible. 

Re-Bello, a family-run fashion brand based in Bolzano, has been using highly sustainable materials to create high-end clothing since its inception. In addition, Re-Bello has been researching and developing innovative, environmentally friendly materials. The result is a considerable saving of natural resources used in the production of high-quality garments in terms of design, fit and environmental friendliness.

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Besides online, the products are available in the following stores:
Kauristore Bolzano
Kauristore Bressanone
Alpin Sports Siusi
Sport Badia Corvara

Materials used

Organic cotton

Organic cotton limits the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides, these being replaced by insects that protect the crop. Organic cotton is harvested using a technique of periodic crop rotation to keep the soil fertile and reduce water consumption. The result is a softer and more breathable material than traditional cotton, as the threads are not damaged by the chemicals used in the growing process.


Beechwood fibre

Beechwood fibre is produced through a 'close loop' process, whereby much of the waste material is recovered at the end of the process. In this way, production has a minimal impact on the environment. The result is high-quality, lightweight, and sustainable fibre.