Sparkling mountain lakes, charming villages, traditional cuisine, and more to experience than just skiing. Let the Dolomites take your breath away.


The Dolomites: the perfect place to fall in love with the beauty of mountains, nature, and exciting winter sports.

A TRIP TO THEDolomite lakes


The Dolomite lakes boast crystal-clear waters in the summer and in the winter their frozen surface happens to reflect the surrounding nature. They simply can’t be missed. The lakes blend harmoniously into the winter landscape, surrounded by snowy peaks and treetops.

The most famous lake is the Lago di Braies in the Fanes-Sennes-Braies Nature Park, boasting fairy-tale qualities and traits and a rich variety of flora and fauna.

A WINTER FULL OF FUNSkiing and much, much more


There’s no doubt that skiing is one of the most popular sports in the Dolomites. But it’s definitely not all that’s on offer!

Here you can do everything from tobogganing to ice skating. The fresh snow and clean mountain air in the Dolomiti Superski region make it perfect for any number of sports, so there’s something for everyone, skier or not.

Visitmountain villages


Everyone knows the Dolomites are paradise if you’re after adventure or adrenaline. But not everyone knows there’s also a huge range of culture to experience in the region.

The Dolomites are home to charming little towns and cosy mountain villages which have never lost their fairy-tale look and feeling over the years. Here you can truly experience Dolomite life, discovering their beloved traditions, authentic cuisine, and their ancient history and culture.

A nightin the mountains


You’re sure to have unforgettable experiences in the Dolomites, and you’ll be surprised at everything on offer. If you can’t tear yourself away from the mountains, why not spend a night in a mountain hut?

Whether you go for a traditional hut or a modern one, you’re guaranteed a romantic, cosy atmosphere the likes of which you’ve never experienced and which you’ll never forget.

MOUNTAIN CUISINEin the kitchen of the Dolomites


Authentic and delicious. Whether you’re looking for a high-end restaurant or rustic local experience, you can enjoy local traditional cuisine.

There are 14 Michelin-starred restaurants and over 400 huts in the area where you can fuel yourself at the end of a winter’s day. Reach new culinary heights in the Dolomites.