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Giri sciistici The longest run in South Tyrol
The longest run in South Tyrol

Even outside South Tyrol the Trametsch is known as one of the best downhill slopes.

It is not only the longest run in South Tyrol but offers, in its first part, which starts as Plose slope at 2446 m above sea level, afascinating view of the Dolomites, the Alps and the endless mountain world.

One of the best slopes far and wide

The track offers a very unique flair and is, with a few other skiing slopes, one of the Dolomite’s best sport tracks. The Trametsch was once described as a slope that “talks to you”. It is the natural line with its exceptional technique accents which makes up the unique character of the slope. This way it offers many interesting sections for experienced skiers but can also be run by mediocre skiers.

Slopes itinerary

The first part, the Plose slope, leads over wide hillsides and offers a wonderful view on one of the Dolomites most beautiful mountains: the Odle / Geisler. In order to enjoy the entire slope the skiers can warm themselves up on this first part.

At the top station of the cable car begins the forest part where technique and condition are required. Now the slope offers fantastic short steep sections and only a few sliders. Every ski lover will be absolutely amazed by the optimal conditions of this demanding slope.

Then the slope becomes tighter and more varied. Edged spots are alternated with short steep sections and sliders.