Dolomiti Superski


Paradise is here and cannot wait

Freestyle Divertimento Freestyle is pure fun
Freestyle is pure fun

There are around 18 snowparks in the ski areas throughout the Dolomites, where you can show off your own trick jumping skills or compete with other fun fellows. And here it doesn't matter whether you are a rookie or a pro. This is where freestylers meet to whirl through the air together. 

The only common denominator is fun and the unique offer in the Alpine region is complemented by 15 cross lines. Here, breathtaking duels between heroes of the air take place on perfectly built and shaped tracks with kickers, parabolic curves, waves and hills - and the adrenaline bath is guaranteed.

Not just jumps for joy but also pure adrenalin that goes beyond obstacles to touch the sky

And of course there are the Family Lines - there are 32 of them between one end of the Dolomites and the other - which provide fun for the whole family. Timing with video analysis, special courses with tunnels, cartoon characters, bridges, curves and small jumps, as well as smoothly rolled slopes: here, only excitement, fun and joy are the order of the day.