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Gourmet InAlto is the new mountain lodge dominating the Col Margherita
InAlto is the new mountain lodge dominating the Col Margherita

A wonderful natural terrace at an altitude of 2,514 metres, between Trentino and Veneto in the San Pellegrino Ski Area. This location, integrated with the station uphill from the Col Margherita cableway, offers both uncontaminated pinnacles and offerings for those seeking out a lunch break, a cocktail or a snack with a view. The kitchen offers local specialities with a modern interpretation, and the wine list includes labels from famous vineyards, some from the mountains.  The restaurant and its panoramic windows look out at the main spires of the Dolomites, which were declared a UNESCO Natural Heritage in 2009 because of their beauty and unique contours. InAlto is a place where you can feast your eyes on spectacular sights from the south wall of the Marmolada to Mount Pelmo and from the majesty of the Civetta to the Pale di San Martino.

The Col Margherita is a must-see for anyone who likes sports, a goal to visit year-round with skis, hiking boots or mountain bikes. During the winter, InAlto is a perfect starting point for skiing enthusiasts. The black-level slope of La Volata winds for 2,400 metres through the snow-covered scenery with 630 m of altitude change and walls abutting 50% descents.
Fans of slower skiing can be transported through the magical atmosphere of the Pista degli Innamorati all the way to Falcade.
This itinerary showcases all the beauty of crests like the Marmolada and the Cime del Focobon, dotted with typical wooden mountain chalets.

The choice of materials and the sweeping windows merge with the countryside that the lovely natural terrace of the Col Margherita offers in every season.
InAlto nestles into a setting of extraordinary beauty that welcomes those who love the mountains and people seeking a sensory getaway among untouched peaks and rocky hillsides.
This paradise is accessible to everyone on the Col Margherita cableway, which brings you safely to the top.


Hours: Monday – Sunday: 9 – 17:30
How to get here: the Col Margherita cable car can easily take you to the lodge in just a few minutes. Departure from the San Pellegrino Pass. You can also walk along the 658 path to the Pradazzo crossroads and then follow the path to the 695.
InAlto’s summer and winter seasons are the same as those of the mountain transport systems in the San Pellegrino Ski Area.

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