Our world has been completely turned upside down in recent months. The Covid emergency has changed our priorities and has strongly affected our relations, our work, our leisure time, our social life and school activities. However, our great passion for skiing has remained unchanged and we cannot wait to descent again along the wonderful slopes, surrounded by a landscape of incomparable beauty like the Dolomites.

We, as Dolomiti Superski, are getting prepared with great enthusiasm and dedication for the winter season 2020 - 2021 to ensure the best possible conditions, to guarantee the safety of all skiers.

"We care about you" will be our slogan during the coming winter; and with this we want to certify our absolute commitment to ensure that skiing will be possible at the safest conditions for everyone. We want to take care of all of you and we want to make sure that you can enjoy your holiday, the descents, and the fantastic Dolomites carefree.  For this reason, we came up with several logistic and organizational rules and a system of economic guarantees, which we will list below. To succeed in our mission, it is necessary that every single one of us cooperates by adopting the safety measures in order to protect ourselves and the others.


We care about you" will be our slogan during the coming winter, THEREFORE we came up with several logistic and organizational rules and a system of economic guarantees, which you can find below


Season and Multi-Day Ski Passes
The lockdown in March 2020 caught everyone by surprise – Dolomiti Superski included. Meanwhile, the ski carousel and its associated ski areas have offered rebalancing measures to holders of season ski passes, who were unable to ski all the way until the end of the scheduled season.
For the 2020/2021 winter season, however, Dolomiti Superski has developed a system of guarantees that will ensure right from the beginning the maximum transparency and safety for everyone who wants to purchase a season or a multi-day ski pass. Those who decide to purchase a Dolomiti Superski season ski pass will benefit from certain guarantees in the event of a new lockdown of at least 10 consecutive days, at various territorial levels – whether there is a total lockdown or in case of total closure of one of the 12 ski areas in which villages the user resides or lodges. Within 30 days from the start of the lockdown or closure, the passholder may exercise this right of withdrawal, if not yet used its season ski pass for 40 days, by filling out an online form. By doing so, the refund procedure will start, and the ski pass will be deactivated. Alternatively, the user can decide to keep his ski pass active and therefore continue skiing until the end of the season in the open ski areas. In this case there will be no refund. 
The refund threshold for Dolomiti Superski season ski passes will decrease every two weeks in relation to the remaining duration of the winter season, starting from 15th December 2020. For example, a lockdown that occurs before 15th January 2021 grants a refund of 55% of the ski pass price purchased by the customer. The next deadline is scheduled for 31st January, where the refund will be 40%. It will continue like this until April 1st 2021, the date upon which the repayment threshold is zeroed out. Refunds will be made in monetary form via bank transfer. 

Until 15th December included 85 %
Until 31st December included 70 %
Until 15th January included 55 %
Until 31st January included 40 %
Until 15th February included 30 %
Until 28th February included 20 %
Until 15th March included 10 %
Until 31st March included 5 %
From 1st April 2021 0 %



For example, if you purchase a season ski pass for 850,00 €, the following amounts will be refund if autorities imposed the closure of the facilities at the indicated dates:

Closure until 15th December included: 85 % refund   -   723,00 €

Closure until 31st December included: 70 % refund    -   595,00 €

Closure until 15th January included: 55 % refund        -   468,00 €

Closure until 31st January included: 40 % refund        -   340,00 €

Closure until 15th February included: 30 % refund      -   255,00 €

Closure until 28th February included: 20 % refund     -   170,00 €

Closure until 15th March included: 10 % refund           -     85,00 €

Closure until 31st March included: 5 % refund             -     43,00 €

Closure after 1st April included: 0 % refund                  -       0,00 €


Details will be available soon here.
Similar procedure is valid for holders of multi-day ski passes but in addition to the two hypotheses indicated above, also in the event of a positive diagnosis of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and in the event of a quarantine measure: the unused days will be reimbursed on the basis of the multi-day price list. For example, a passholder has purchased a 6-day Dolomiti Superski ski pass, but only uses it for two days before a lockdown occurs. The cost of the 2-day ski pass is deducted from the price of the 6-day ski pass and the difference is refunded.

Relaunch of the Online Shop 
“We Care About You” is also reflected in Dolomiti Superski’s commitment to making our customer access to the lifts and slopes as quick and convenient as possible. For this reason, Dolomiti Superski, now features a new online shop, which allows nearly every type of ski pass to be purchased online. Starting around mid-November, users will be able to perform multiple actions online: buy season ski passes, adopting all the above mentioned refund measures, acquire multi-day ski passes, Junior and Senior ski passes. If the skier alredy has a My Dolomiti SkiCard he can simply top it up from the online shop on access directly the lift facilities without passing by at the ski pass office. Alternately, the customer can go to ticket sales offices with the voucher, using a special queue for online purchases, where available. The third option is to collect your ski pass at one of the around 50 ticket boxes located in all 12 areas of Dolomiti Superski. The new online shop is designed to allow skiers to avoid queues at our selling points.

Ski-Pass Service at Hotels
A service that has already existed for many years will be offered again this season. The Hotel Ski Pass Service allows skiers to buy the preferred ski pass online and then conveniently find it waiting in their hotel room upon arrival – thanks to a collaboration with the accommodation providers, at the time of the online purchase, the customer can select the option "hotel skipass service" and choose the accomodation directly in our shop. The choosen accomodation will automatically receive an email with the ski pass voucher that will be collected at the ski pass office for them. At the time of arrival the customer will find the online purchased skipasses in their hotel room. This is another way to help avoiding queues at the physical points of sale. In addition, hoteliers and other accommodation providers will proactively advise their guests to use the online shop during the booking process.


New Skiers Map
An innovative Skiers Map, which displays how busy the main lifts are at a specific moment, will be available inside the new Dolomiti Superski app. The map will also be integrated into the 3D ski map on our website. By measuring the percentage of lift capacity used within a unit of time, the map allows the skier to decide when to use which lifts and to therefore avoid possible crowds.


Holiday Calendar
Based on historical data from the last five years, Dolomiti Superski provides a table with forecasts of inflow to the ski slopes on each individual day of the season. In this way, the user can plan a holiday in such a way as to avoid the periods of greatest influx.

Have a look at the holiday calendar of Dolomiti Superski


Ski Lifts
The guidelines for the access of customers at the lift facilities are dictated at a national, regional and/or province level (in the case of autonomous provinces). Public bodies will define the method of access, use of personal protection systems, distancing, sanitization, etc.

Dolomiti Superski will implement the dictated regulations and inform all the customers upon their arrival.

Regulation of Lift Lines
The regulation of the lines at the lifts must be made by the public authorities. However, Dolomiti Superski has created and incentive for all lift workers to adopt suitable measures to guarantee social distancing where possible and alternatively to promote the use of masks, in the interest of the users and in line with the "We care about you" campaign.


Skier Responsibility
None of the planned safety measures will be effective if the skiers do not make their own part by strictly follow the imposed rules. Dolomiti Superski will provide information material at the main meeting points, such as main ski pass offices, lifts and parking lots. To raise awareness among skiers, explanatory motion graphics will also be transmitted on big screens at the main valley and mountain stations.


We care about you!

The Dolomiti Superski Team

Last update: 20/11/2020



  1. Buy tickets online, save time and avoid queues.
  2. Maintain safety distances and use masks at ticket offices, at lift stations and in all common areas.  
  3. Disinfect your hands regularly at the dispensers.
  4. Because we Care: Do not throw masks and gloves on the floor.
  5. If you have similar flu symptoms, do not endanger yourself and others, avoid the use of lift facilities.
  6. Be responsible and cooperative.

Have fun!


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