Dolo-Mythical Ice Cream

Master ice cream makers of Val di Zoldo

Gourmet Between Pelmo and Civetta
Between Pelmo and Civetta

Good ice cream brings people together and makes life happier for everyone.

There is no generation gap when it comes to ice cream, either: baby likes it just as much as Grandpa. And it’s always a solid reason to come together in a simple, spontaneous and immediate way. If we’re going to talk about ice cream, we simply must mention a valley in the Civetta area that, for years now, has been moulding masters of gelato who export their knowledge about making top-notch artisanal ice cream all over the world.

We are in Val di Zoldo, a magnificent valley between Pelmo and Civetta. Here they are preparing for World Ice Cream Day, which was established by the European Parliament in Strasbourg and is held annually on March 24. The entire day, dedicated to harmony between skiing and food, celebrates and pays homage to the valley’s famous ice cream.

True handmade ice cream and its secrets

Discover the "Tour delle Baite Aperte"

In order to stay together as a family, we recommend an eco-friendly tour called “Tour delle baite aperte“ (Open Doors at Mountain Huts) that winds through the slopes and woods of Alleghe. This is a unique opportunity to get an up-close-and-personal look at private mountain huts, which are normally inaccessible but open their doors to the public for a day, allowing anyone who wants to visit to gain insight into the local history and traditions.

Every mountain farm, whether small or large, has its own story, framed within its wooden or stone walls. Setting out in discovery of these little treasures, immersed in the silence of the snowy woods, is a unique opportunity to experience mountains in a genuine way: in close contact with Mother Nature and the most authentic hospitality of the Dolomites.



The “Tour delle baite aperte“ is suitable for the whole family. The tour can be done either on snowshoes, accompanied by a mountain guide, or on skis in the company of local instructors. Those who prefer independence can do it on their own, following a map that comes in a kit delivered to each participant. All of the contents are completely biodegradable, including wooden cutlery, aluminium glasses and compostable crockery.