A top athlete is promoted to manager

Former World Cup athlete Florian Eisath now a manager at Carezza Dolomites

The same motivation that enables a top athlete to achieve an outstanding performance in his field can also power his success as a manager. In March of 2018, Florian Eisath completed his final World Cup Race in Are (Sweden), and is now assuming important responsibilities in the management of the "Carezza Dolomites" team.

Top athletes and managers have what is essentially the same goal: To always outperform their opponents. A U.S. study shows that former top athletes possess good managerial qualities based upon their higher level of self-confidence. Willy Bogner and Marc Girardelli are examples of two former Olympic athletes who were able to harness their innate mental discipline and sense of purpose, courage, and determination to succeed in non-athletic fields of endeavor, too.

Florian Eisath has likewise set himself ambitious professional objectives: It is his goal to establish Carezza Dolomites as the leading alpine recreational area in South Tyrol. All the prerequisites are given: The unique beauty of the famed "Rose Garden" and Latemar in the Dolomites – declared a World Nature Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2009 – Karer Lake / Lago di Carezza (one of the most scenic destinations in the Alps), and the enchanting "Alpine Glow" which can be witnessed every evening – a very emotional experience that even long-time residents still find enthralling. Ten years ago, Florian's father, Georg Eisath, set the new course by investing in modern lifts. Further investments were made in modernizing the mountain cableways and ski slopes, five new lift facilities, and a completely new snow-making system in keeping with ecological guidelines. Now the task is to continue this course of improvement and to create new highlights so as to further enhance the appeal of this fascinating alpine destination. "Touch the Dolomites" is the name of Florian Eisath's project: the first and nearest point from the provincial capital of Bozen / Bolzano to the UNESCO Nature Heritage Site. In just 20 minutes, you can travel from the capital to the valley station of the Welschnofen / Nova Levante aerial tram. The establishment of a new aerial tramway from the Frommer Alm to the Kölner Hut allows visitors to travel directly to and touch the actual cliff face of the Rose Garden (2,374 meters above sea-level) in only another ten minutes. Once there, visitors can admire an unusual architectural sculpture: Italy's 2016 Architect of the Year, Werner Tscholl, moved the mountain station underground, into King Laurin's palace. From there, a solitary building made entirely of glass and resembling a giant quartz crystal juts heavenward. The existing building of the Kölner Hut has thus been endowed with a magical counterpoint.

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"Goals must always be ambitious," says Florian Eisath. "In the case of small goals, one is easily distracted or discouraged by minor difficulties. But when you are pursuing really great goals, you aren't. That's because the inner motivation is so enormous that you are sure to overcome all obstacles and find a way to solve the problem." During his first months in his new professional position, Florian had to learn patience and to pace himself: "In champion-league sports, one is accustomed to a fast pace. In the professional sphere, this doesn't work. One can't simply transfer the high expectations one has of one's self onto the business world."

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