A new way to experience the splendor of the Rose Garden

with the "invisible" mountain station designed by architect Werner Tscholl


Experience the high-altitude plateau at Lake Carezza

with five low-impact aerial lifts and the new "Rose Garden green experiences" program

In late May of 2021, five aerial lifts located beneath the magnificent Rose Garden will begin summer operation for the first time. Besides the Welschnofen gondola-type cableway and the Paolina Panorama Chairlift, three additional cableways will be put into operation for the summer starting on May 29: The new König Laurin 1 and 2 gondola-type cableways with their "invisible" mountain station at the Köln Hut, and the Tschein Panorama Chairlift operating from the Moser Alm to the midway station of the König Laurin cableway.

The new low-impact connections make it possible for you to explore the high-altitude plateau without need of an automobile: Thus, you can start with the gondola-type (tram) cableway in Welschnofen, continue with the new König Laurin gondola-type cableway all the way to the midway station, transfer to the Tschein Chairlift and take it to the Moser Alm, and then reach Lake Carezza in just a few minutes via the new hiking trail.

The "invisible" König Laurin mountain station

If you want to continue up even farther, you won't exit the cableway at the midway station but instead enjoy the trip to the Köln Hut at 2,337 meters above sea-level. Once you've arrived, you'll be amazed by the remarkable architecture of the renowned South Tyrolean architect Werner Tscholl, who designed the "invisible" mountain station. The mountain station is not perceptible as a stand-alone architectural structure. Instead, you can see only the entryway and exit. The gondolas travel through them into the subterranean station; there's also an access tunnel for hikers. In designing this subterranean Crystal Palace of King Laurin, Tscholl – Italy's "2016 Architect of the Year" – was inspired by the legend of King Laurin. "King Laurin was the ruler of a great race of dwarves who mined the mountains in search of precious jewels and valuable metals and who jealously guarded his subterranean palace of sparkling quartz."*

New: The Rose Garden Pass and the König Laurin Ticket

You can use all five aerial lifts beneath the Rose Garden with a single card: With the Rose Garden Pass, you are entitled to unlimited use of the aforementioned gondola-type cableways and chairlifts for the whole day. This allows you to explore new and marvelous hiking trails and cycling paths in the Dolomites. With the new König Laurin Ticket, you can travel from Welschnofen (at 1,182 meters above sea-level) or from the Moser Alm (1,580 meters above sea-level) directly at the cliffs of the Rose Garden to the Köln Hut (2,339 m).

The "invisible" König Laurin mountain station

"Rose Garden green experiences"

For years, now, the Carezza Dolomites mountain cableway company has concerned itself with the topic of "sustainability." Our company's motto is "Avoid unnecessary energy consumption and use energy efficiently." In the autumn of 2019, our company joined the Climate Neutrality Alliance, and measures its CO2 footprint every year. "Measuring, reducing, and compensating to the benefit of the global climate and the natural environment of the Eggen Valley – that's our daily challenge," according to Florian Eisath, Executive Manager of Carezza Dolomites. Parallel to sustainable initiatives within the company, a comprehensive sustainability process was initiated in the region, as well. Representatives from the tourism sector, the agricultural sector, tradesmen, and craftsmen came together to define the mission: "We stand for high living standards and economic prosperity in harmony with nature and our people. By strengthening the bonds that unite us, our mission as a community is to grow and to make our region attractive for future generations. As a 'low-impact' tourism destination in balance with nature, we want to inspire, motivate and lead by example."

One noteworthy example is the cooperation between farmers and participating restaurants and cafes, where one can find lots of local products highlighted on the menus. There's also the glass bottle for alpine huts – it's plastic-free, and is intended to curb the use of plastic bottles in the mountains. All initiatives are presented under the "Rose Garden green experiences" program in the Internet.


Contact and additional information:

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@carezzadolomites #mycarezza

*(source: Bruno Mahlknecht, Südtiroler Sagen, Bolzano / Bozen, 1981. pg. 121. Freely take from K. F. Wolff, König Laurin und sein Rosengarten, Bolzano / Bozen 1945 and Dolomiten-Sagen, Innsbruck, 1977)

**Mission as stated in the minutes of "Living and implementing sustainability" by the Terra Institute, Paolo Agnelli and Elisabeth Präauer