Alpe Di Siusi

Checkpoint mission with Nix the Witch

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Inside the booklet you will find a hiking bracelet with ten 10 different symbols. On each hike, there is a checkpoint where you can stamp your bracelet. These checkpoints are shown on the maps on the following pages. When you arrive at each checkpoint, you will find a ticket puncher with one of these symbols. Use it to stamp the corresponding symbol on your bracelet.The aim is to collect as many stamps as possible.

Depending on the number of stamps you have collected, you will receive a great prize and a hiking diploma when you hand in your hiking braceletin the information offices:

  • If you have collected 3 stamps, you will receive a bronze hiking diploma,
  • for 5 stamps a silver diploma,
  • and if you have stamped all 10 symbols, you’ve earned the gold.

If you haven’t been able to stamp all your symbols this year, you can carry on your mission next year. The bracelet, however, can only be given out once.

The booklet is available in the Tourist Offices of the Dolomites Region Seiser Alm.