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Team Dr Joseph

Nature truly is beautiful


Team Dr Joseph is a natural cosmetics company based in Bruneck/Brunico. Joseph Franz has always believed nature is mankind’s most valuable asset. He researches and uses natural ingredients as powerful allies to improve our health and beauty, using micro-technology to enhance their natural properties when applied to our skin. The company has a proud 35- year history and boasts many international accolades. 
The family-run business employees 35 people – researchers, developers, and workers – and selects ingredients with tried-and-tested clinical properties from over 250 types of plants. It distils their properties into creams, serums, oils, and tonics.

An example?

“Golden root. It’s amazing. As an adoptogen it boosts the body’s resilience. Coneflowers are also interesting because they contain a form of natural hyaluronic acid. Fig extract reduces transepidermal water loss. We combine this extract with coneflower and Damask rose – which smells divine, by the way! – to make our bestselling product: Ultra Hydration Serum. We pick and mix the best natural ingredients. However, we don’t rest on our laurels. Wearing masks the last couple of years means people are looking each other in the eye more. That’s why we have developed a lifting serum with hibiscus extract, an outstanding natural botox”. 

Pioneers through and through, including when it comes to sustainability. One of the company’s core principals is to support projects benefitting our planet – collecting ocean plastic and reforestation, for example – and avoid creating waste. Case in point: Earth First Zero Waste soap bars and solid shampoos are handmade in South Tyrol using the best natural ingredients, packaging-free and 100 percent sustainable.