5 things not to miss

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the beauty, pure air, greenery and crystal-clear lakes of the Dolomites!


A holiday full of fun, beauty and above all relaxation is what awaits you in the Dolomites, from the natural areas to the cultural attractions.
In summer, don't miss the hikes, mountain bike tours and the many sporting activities we will discover in this guide!
Would you like to experience an unforgettable trip? Then don't miss the following 5 do’s.

Visiting the lakes of the Dolomites


Covered in ice and dipped in a white blanket in winter, distinguished in summer by lighter and darker shades of green combined with crystal-clear blue water.

In summer and winter alike, the lakes are surrounded by a fairytale landscape and atmosphere that enchants visitors. The lake atmosphere invites you to relax, or how about a swim or a boat trip?

A visit to theMuseum


The Dolomites are not only the perfect place to discover the beauty of nature and to indulge in interesting sports activities but they are also rich in culture! And what could be better than going to the two museums that most characterise the Dolomites?

Not only hike and bike


These are of course two very popular activities, but they are certainly not the only ones!

In the Dolomites, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to activities.

Cooking class


The flavours of the Dolomites are unique, they reflect nature with healthy and genuine ingredients

In addition to enjoying the cuisine in quality restaurants in the mountains, you can also choose to learn how to prepare them with a dedicated course! Cooking courses based on the traditions of the Dolomites help you discover raw materials such as barley, buckwheat, maize, fruit such as Golden Delicious, and red fruits.
Finally, you can't miss some excellent products such as the seasoned cheeses Grana Trentino, fresh cheeses, mountain milk and fresh yoghurt.
All these delicious ingredients can be used to prepare delicious and typical Dolomite dishes with the help of skilled chefs!

Overnight stay in a Mountain hut


The Dolomites will never cease to amaze you

Staying in a mountain hut in the Dolomites you can be enchanted by a warm, romantic and characteristic atmosphere.
A night in a hut, caressed by the cool, fresh summer air, where you can relax and forget everything else and enjoy the company of your partner or family.